Weekly Tarotscope: What Can Your Sign Expect During This Energy Shift?

Weekly-Tarotscope-What-Can-Your-Sign-Expect-During-This-Energy-Shift.jpgThe last few weeks have been breathtaking simply by virtue of the amount unexpected activity as Uranus enters in Taurus for the first time since 1935.

This wildly unharnessed outer planet unleashes surprises in earthbound Taurus and we will witness these events for the next seven years.

There will be times when the unanticipated factor becomes more dominant than others especially as conjunctions and oppositions to the planet and others occur.  While in Taurus, the Uranian focus will likely be in the financial markets that are particularly stressed at this time.

A full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday sheds light on a situation bubbling up as Mars and Uranus get ready to square off against each other.  

While independently these planets have their own distinct characteristics and attributes, it is when they form a harsh angle to each other than the outcome can become sticky. Mars is aggressive and fiery, whereas Uranus is unpredictable and sporadic.

Let’s see what your zodiac sign can expect this week:


Aries Tarotscope

The Nine of Swords from the Fenestra Tarot

Key Word: Doubts

Theme: Your anxious mind is working overtime (and not in a good way).

How this card might show up in your world: Insomnia, getting stuck in fears, depression, negative thinking

This card suggests worries – the kind of worries that keep you up at night or give you nightmares.

While not totally unfounded, these worries may be slightly blown out of proportion in your anxious mind.

This week, don’t let fear turn a little challenge into a tragedy. Sometimes, if we focus too much on our troubles, they take on a life of their own.

Please cut yourself some slack and trust that your concerns are not monsters in the making. They are manageable. You can overcome this stuff if you trust in your ability to do so.


Taurus Tarotscope

The Ace of Pentacles from the Fenestra Tarot

Keyword: Foundation

Theme: Build on a strong foundation

How it might show up in your life: Financial foundations, building stability, a new job, a career change, a new business plan, expanding talents and resources

Aces signal the start of a cycle. Pentacles are the suit of resources, so this is a new phase of working with stability issues: money, jobs, a home base of operations, having a foundation to build on.

This is could be a new job or a hobby that you are turning into a money-making venture, a franchise, a new house or a property issue, or even deciding to have another child.

This Ace represents is a slower moving energy, something that needs to be nurtured and supported over time, but it begins now.

This week you’ll “break ground” on your long-term project, knowing that the effort and investment lead to dividends, rewards, or residuals in the future.


Gemini Tarotscope

The Hierophant from the Fenestra Tarot

Key Word: Tradition

Theme: Old school wisdom and traditional proverbs provide reliable guidance this week.

How it might show up in your life: Conventional etiquette, practice good manners, take a conservative approach, priests and professors, conforming to the expectations of the establishment

The Hierophant is a master teacher. He is the transmitter of traditional wisdom, a pillar of the community, a sage leader.

It is his job to remind folks of simple values like treat others the way you want to be treated and all things in moderation and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This character represents the pure and compassionate influence that you can be this week. Even if it seems a little folksy or old-school, lead by gentle example.

This week, when given the opportunity to promote either the Wild and Edgy or the Tried and True, choose the latter.


Cancer Tarotscope

Chariot from the Golden Tarot

Keyword: Acceleration

Theme: Time to put the pedal to the metal.

How it might show up in your life: A project is green-lit, you get a promotion, traveling for business or advancement

There are some tarot cards that recommend stillness and contemplation.

There are some cards that suggest plotting and planning market research.

The Chariot, on the other hand, says: Come on, come ON! Let’s go! This card calls us to take action, put ourselves out there, walk our talk.

It’s time to go after what we want and make it happen. This is progress. It is forward motion. (FINALLY.)

It might be a long journey, and the best route might not be totally clear or we might not be sure on where the finish line is.

No matter. This card says it’s time to motor – strap on your seat belt and merge into the fast lane!


Leo Tarotscope

The Seven of Wands from The Steampunk Tarot

Key Word: Audition

Theme: Show them what you’ve got.

How it might show up in your life: Tests and auditions, holding your own in a debate, feeling like you nailed a job interview, athletic competitions

This card is like that part of an action movie where the hero/heroine has the big showdown – the part where they can take no more and must stand up for what’s right.

It’s your movie, dear one, and it’s time for you to kick butt and take names (so to speak). Challenging, yes. Obstacles? One or two.

But it’s your time to shine and heroes like you always win in the end. Don’t forget the hero’s montage: play your most inspiring songs, put on your hottest outfit, do some pushups, rehearse your routine or whatever it is you need to do to psyche yourself up.

Then take your place in the ring (or on stage, or on the job interview as the case may be). It’s your turn to show ‘em what you’ve got.


Virgo Tarotscope

The King of Wands Reversed from the Aquarian Tarot

Archetype: The Dad with Anger Management Issues

Theme: With leadership comes the responsibility of promoting harmony and respect.

How it might show up in your life: Dissension from employees, conflict with loved ones, rebellious children, discovering your attitude may be too harsh to win converts to your plans

This King knows all about trusting his gut and honoring his impulse to go after what he wants, but he can be a little too self-inspired.

That is to say, he can be a bit bombastic about achieving his goals – at the cost of healthy relationships with family or co-workers.

Even when he’s in a leadership role, he could use a little more respect for the others he depends on.

This card suggests that you’ll be given a chance to try your hand at leading the group towards a vision that only you see.

It might be a challenge to stay engaged with your team, but it’s worth it to advance your leadership skills.


Libra Tarotscope

The Ten of Wands from the Fenestra Tarot

Keyword: Endings

Theme: Pack up the leftovers, recycle what you can and get rid of the trash.

How this might show up in your world: The end of the school year clean-up, graduations, leaving an internship for a paying position, a grown child finally leaves home

This Ten features the end of a cycle which includes clean up duty.

You know, like after you throw a great bash, there are all the decorations to take down and plates to clean up and empty bottles to recycle…it’s like that.

Like a graduation might mean that it’s time to put away book bags and jeans to make room for a briefcase and professional attire.

Or you might decide to end a relationship and there are mementos to divvy up or toss. Or maybe it’s something like your community theatre play closed and it’s time to strike the set and put away the costumes.

There is something in your life that has run its course. Pat yourself on the back for closing a chapter, pack away the things that can be used again and let go of the bits that cannot be recycled. (Literally and metaphorically.)


Scorpio Tarotscope

The Fool from the Mucha Tarot

Key Phrase: New Journeys

Theme: New horizons beckon, time to heed the call.

How it might show up in your life: A new job, fresh starts of all kinds, launching a new endeavor, going back to school, taking a trip to a foreign country

Let go of any negative connotations you may have with the term Fool.

This is a delightful card. It suggests lightheartedness in the face of new experiences. There is a new journey ahead, new plans to make, new opportunities, new faces…new, new, new! It’s like having a clean slate.

Now, if you are a control-freaky type, you might not be so thrilled about the change.

Putting ourselves into new situations often requires the ability to make mistakes, test our endurance, learn new skills, ask for directions…and maybe even feel a little like a fool until we get the hang of it.

But even if you normally prefer to “save face”, you know it’s time to take a leap.


Sagittarius Tarotscope

The Six of Swords from the Mucha Tarot

Key Word: Transition

Theme: Moving on to greener pastures.

How this might show up in your world: A lateral move, a job transfer, switching majors, moving on, taking a sabbatical to work on another project, converting to another religion, flight

How about a little trip? The Six of Swords is about moving on to greener pastures.

Traditional tarot interpretations might suggest a lateral move, but it’s just as likely to be a philosophical one.

You know, a mental shift.

Sometimes, an epiphany leads to a whole new experience of the universe.

This card suggests that this week, you’ll have a Big Idea that will leave you so altered, you’ll travel to a whole new paradigm.

This is a good thing – it will allow you to sail past former obstacles and on to more fertile lands.


Capricorn Tarotscope

The Eight of Coins (Pentacles) from the Golden Tarot

Keyword: Craft

Theme: Putting love into your work pays off.

How it might show up in your world: Increasing work orders, expanding client list, mastering career skills, honing your craft, advancing to an expert in your field

This is the card of the workhorse. You haven’t noticed all accolades you deserve – not just yet, anyway. But word is starting to spread.

You are probably too busy being productive to notice, but your supervisor is aware of your mastery. Or maybe word of mouth is spreading from a happy client to potential customers and orders increase.

This card says you are “in the zone” so stay right there and keep doing what you do the way you do it.

This week, your unique commitment to your craft will bring you more rewards than you expected.


Aquarius Tarotscope

The Knight of Wands from the Fenestra Tarot

Keyword:  Motivation

Theme: Kicking it into high gear.

How it might show up in your life: Taking charge, making a move, issuing/accepting an invitation, getting in the game

It’s forward march for you, dear. This Knight is full of fire, drive and forward momentum. Wands are about being inspired and letting your dreams carry you to the next level.

Knights are about taking clear and confident action. You know what you need to do to feel good, so go for it. The coolest thing is that you will be inspiring others along the way.

Let yourself want, let yourself believe it is yours, let yourself hunt it down. If you are feeling a little shy about going for it, try to model yourself after a fearless, fiery friend.

Or make the phrase Fake it til you make it your new mantra. You can do it! Forward ho!

Pisces Tarotscope

Judgment from the Fenestra Tarot

Key Word: Revelation

Theme: All is revealed – and it is good.

How it might show up in your life: Feeling whole, completing degrees or finishing coursework, quantum leaps in progress, public recognition, an invitation to forgiveness

In most Tarot decks, the image on this card illustrates the medieval European concept of “Judgment Day”.

Trumpets sound as men, women, and children step naked out of their coffins and into the light. This might sound a little spooky, but for us symbol-readers, it is a call to step out of your past and trust in a fresh, new life.

It is freedom from past mistakes, past regrets, unfulfilled dreams. It is a release from immature expectations and old knee-jerk responses and the embrace of mature consciousness. It is forgiveness and acceptance – for others, for yourself.

This week your success lies in looking back at how far you’ve come and finding the beauty in every step of the journey.


Source: mysticalraven


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