Weekly Tarotscope: You’ve Never Felt Anything Like This, So Get Ready

Weekly Tarotscope: You’ve Never Felt Anything Like This, So Get Ready

Your cosmic destiny is right around the corner, and these recent planetary transits have a lot in store for each one of us…if we are ready to step up to the plate.

We start the week with some powerful heavenly movement in the skies, when Uranus moves retrograde into the sign of Aries.  Uranus won’t be back in Aries for another 84 years, so this is a powerful time of change.

Then, on the 7th, we have an emotional New Moon in Scorpio. This new moon has the power to help you unlock a deeper part of yourself. You may feel heavy with feeling, possibly even overwhelmed by all the shadows that you confront. Trust that by visiting your darkness, you’ll uncover a greater emotional strength. This is a time when you find yourself looking within, seeking to understand yourself more truly.



This is going to be a beautiful week of changes and transformations. Let’s see what your zodiac sign can expect:



Aries – Embrace individuality and freedom

Sail away, Aries! Jupiter arrives in your ruling 9th this week. The first time the planet of travel, adventure, learning and opportunity has visited this sector of your chart in 12 years. Read your Lucky Jupiter Horoscope which you’ll find here and be ready for something horizon and mind broadening to find you during the next 13 months. If you define yourself as a seeker – of truth, learning and experiences, then you will benefit from this cycle in more ways that you can presently imagine. Allow your dreams free rein now and your ideas around what is possible for you to achieve to expand. Jupiter in your 9th is a ‘no limits’ transit. The only limits may be those you place on yourself.

Hopefully you have unshackled yourself from self-imposed limitations. If there is still work to be done, revolutionary retrograde Uranus is about to pay your sign one final visit from the 6th. Remember, this is the final time in your lifetime you will experience Uranus’s own particular brand of individuality and freedom in your 1st. Over the past seven years you should have been evolving a new sense of self and have watched as others in turn, see you differently. See this as your final test-marketing period where you get to try out this new ‘you’ and make any final adjustments. This week also brings a new Moon in your house of the phoenix – your 8th. You are set to rise from something you have fundamentally outgrown now. For some of you this may be those limits you unwittingly placed on yourself. For others this can mark a shift out of one situation and on into a new one. Or you may realise you’re rising from the shadows of that old image and soaring away with a new one. It’s time for big new beginnings this week. opportunities, Aries.




Taurus – Cultivate new values

Get ready to discover how you handle larger sums of money than you have been used to in the past, or else be the recipient of someone placing their money, time, influence or other resources at your disposal. Jupiter in this house traditionally indicates being the recipient of a legacy or will. However, Jupiter passes through our 8th many times during our lifetimes. Bear in mind there is more than one kind of legacy we can receive.

This week also sees a new Moon in your 7th making a wonderful angle to Neptune in your 11th. This boosts the odds of finding that special connection if you are single. New beginnings in relating and partnerships are promised. There’s more than one kind of Big Rich and the biggest of all can be the people in our lives. If you’re settled, focus on new goals and experiences you can share together. This new Moon can often bring someone special into our lives. Remember this house rules close friends and working relationships too. Get some billionaire connections happening. You’re already richer than you think.




Gemini – New habits transform into long term benefits

Venus which rules your love life remains retrograde for just 11 more days – heading direct again on the 16th in your 5th house. Please remember that while Venus is going backwards in your romance sector that this is not the time to begin a new relationship if you are seeking something long term. Hold off just a while longer. This week actually marks the start of the best cycle of long-term love that you have experienced in a very long time. 12 years to be precise. Jupiter planet of expansion, luck and opportunity enters your house of lasting love on the 8th bringing you the promise of partnership potential. If you are settled and happy this can see the two of you travelling, making an even bigger commitment to each other or coming up with a shared goal or dream to pursue which brings you closer.

This is also your house of health and wellbeing. This is an excellent new Moon under which to begin a diet, fitness program or even change up that daily routine. New habits formed under this new Moon have the potential to become long term ones. You could also be wanting to look your best in order to make the most of your upcoming love cycle. You may have to wait a few more days to kick-start your romantic goals. But when it comes to loving that body – begin it now, Gemini.





Cancer – Knock on work opportunity’s door

This week’s new Moon in your 5th points to a conception of some kind. Now, this can be coming up with an inspired creative idea or a goal that adds passion and zest to your life. Or it can relate to the literal meaning of the word for some. Children and young people may feature as could opportunities to enjoy yourself, have fun and also receive attention. You’ve an emotional need to be acknowledged and recognised for something you are good at now. There’s always a touch of theatricality about this new Moon and under its influence we may feel a bit like a superstar in the making. Act like you are at the very least, star of your own reality TV show. Add a touch of glamour and ensure you look and feel your best now. Usually this is a wonderful new Moon under which to go searching for a new lover. But Venus which rules our love life is still retrograde in your 4th which means this is not the best influence if you want something with lasting potential. You could however see a fresh start with someone from your past but if you are seeking to begin something brand new, wait until after the 16th when Venus moves direct again. Remember, a new Moon’s influence lasts all month!

The literal biggest transit of the week occurs on the 8th when Jupiter arrives in your 6th house. If you are 30 or over, you would have been at least 18 when Jupiter last visited this sector of your chart. So, have a think back to what work, travel or study opportunities arrived then. If you are under 30, then this is the first time as a fully-fledged adult you will have experienced Jupiter’s door-opening potential. At least one job opportunity or work improvement should come your way during this cycle. Travel connected to your job or even related to wellbeing or fitness is favoured with Jupiter in here. That yoga retreat may be calling. `Expect a feeling of enhanced wellbeing and energy. For more insight into what Jupiter has in store for you, check out the Jupiter forecast for your sign. Make those future plans now.





Leo -Dare to dream

Get ready to be fabulous, Leo! Well, I know you already are. What I should have said was get ready to take your fabulousness global or at the very least, to a wider audience now Jupiter enters your 5th house on the 8th. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last paid this sector of your chart a visit. If you were over 18 then think back to the opportunities that came your way for romance, pleasure, fun, enjoyment, travel and ‘lucky’ breaks as you can expect more of the same now. This is your house of children and becoming a parent or step parent under this influence is one possibility as is letting the child within out to play. Jupiter in here is quite possibly the biggest attraction factor you will experience for a very long time to come. Get thinking now about what it is you want to experience and attract in the upcoming 13 months. And don’t forget to read your extended lucky Jupiter forecast for your sign!

Although this is your house of love affairs and romance, please bear in mind that Venus which rules our love life remains retrograde until the 16th in your 3rd house. Put the flirtation on hold a little while longer unless this involves a lover from your past. This week also sees a new Moon in its ruling 4th on the 7th. This Moon asks you to make a soul declaration to yourself: that this is your life to live your way. This new Moon is linked to home, family and your emotional security but it is also about having faith in yourself to create your own future. Strangely enough, if you are prepared to strike out and own your destiny, this new Moon can deliver you a fantastic opportunity either in the form of a new and influential friendship, a job or lucky break. Lay the foundation for your future this week. It could be just what you need to launch yourself skyward into Jupiter’s 13 month promise of romance, pleasure and attraction, Leo!





Virgo – Plant ideas to harvest in the future

This week’s new Moon in your 3rd asks you to look at what you are saying. Craft those communications now, Virgo. Say what you mean and above all, follow through. Ideas are like seeds to be planted now. It’s time to step out of your normal routine and be adaptable, flexible and open. Writing, studying, publishing and the internet can feature. This is your month to sell yourself so if you have been thinking of applying for a new job, course of study or expanding your business in any way, do so now. Your workload should increase as should the people, situations and opportunities you encounter. This new Moon also favours getting away for a short trip – either in distance, duration or both. So take a break if you need to.

It’s always big news when Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, changes signs. This week sees it arrive in your 4th. It’s been 12 years since it last took up residence in here. If you were over 18 back then, think back to what happened around your home, living arrangements, lifestyle, family or even your career. This house is all about where you call home and what makes you secure. Yet, Jupiter is the planet of exploration and adventure. Expanding your existing home, moving to a larger one, relocations – moving out of your area or even out of the country, living better, benefits which come to you via female family members or women and success in business and financial dealings are all promised with Jupiter in here. If you now live far from where your roots are, you could be travelling back during Jupiter’s stay in here. Others could see new family members arrive but this transit usually brings an enhanced feeling of happiness and belonging. There’s no place like home for the coming year, Virgo. And you now get to decide where in the world you call home.





Libra – Know your worth

Remember, remember the 5th of November – because on this day you have just 11 remaining until ruler Venus heads direct in your sign again. Love and money matters may have been on hold during this oh-so-rare retrograde cycle. Or if anything has occurred, it’s likely it carried a distinct past flavour. This week offers respite from the replay cycle. You have a new Moon in Venus’s ruling 2nd in your chart hinting at new financial beginnings. Hopefully you avoided the Venus retro trap of giving in to impulse buys and excess expenditure. This new Moon can often usher in a new source of income but it always brings us an opportunity to begin a better relationship with our money and also to look at how we value ourselves, talents and abilities. Because if you don’t know what your value is, how do you expect others to? Own it now, Libra.

What’s the big idea? You are. Jupiter enters your 3rd the day after the new Moon appears. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last visited this sector of your chart. Were you 18 or over back then? Think back as you’ll find similar themes and opportunities recurring now. Travel, learning, writing, teaching and business expansion are all favoured. This is not the time to undersell yourself – so all the more reason to know what your ‘worth’ is. Do something with your ideas especially if they touch on Jupiter themes – for more information on these please see your personal Jupiter forecast for your sign on here. Don’t just dream it – do it. Jupiter always wants to expand and stepping into a larger role or getting your message/product/service out there to a bigger audience is part of this. Have a plan as with any journey, you need to chart a course to reach your desired destination. That’s success for you in 2019, Libra.




Scorpio – Be the phoenix rising

New beginnings, new you. You are the sign of reinvention after all. Time to rise up from the ashes of the past and unfurl those wings, Scorpio. The new Moon in your 1st marks the official start of one cycle this week while Jupiter’s entry into your 2nd the day after it appears on the 8th, marks another. First let’s look at your new Moon of rebirth. Take some time to think about what you want for your future. Get some big picture thinking happening. This new Moon asks you to believe in yourself and your vision. If you like it’s the point in the year when you’re asked to accept yourself for who you are. To say: ‘This is me, world. And here I come –ready or not!’ Know who you are now. And own it baby – it’s beautiful! Initiate new beginnings and the universe will move with you now.

Let’s talk about the bottom line. In other words your money. What is money exactly? It’s so much more than pounds, dollars, yen, euros and bitcoin. Money is a representation of energy. Think of it this way: you work a certain number of hours for someone expending energy, time and skills. You receive another form of energy in return – money. Transcend your old thoughts about money now Jupiter exits your 1st and heads into your 2nd of money, assets and values from the 8th. You’ve not had the planet of good fortune in here for 12 years. If you were 18 or over back then look at how that money energy was working for you. The coming year should see more of it flowing your way and also your sense of self-worth and value increase. The more that does, the more the money ‘energy’ responds. Jupiter always wants us to set something in motion and take action so it can send its abundance our way. Act on those money making ideas or apply for that better paying position. Where intention goes, energy flows. Turn it on this week.




Sagittarius – Uncover cosmic mysteries

A new Moon in your 12th house is about far more than enhanced intuition and insights. This is your house of secrets and metaphysical knowledge. And those secrets run deep. But you can unlock the mystery this week. You could find yourself seeking answers to life’s big questions under this new Moon and for the upcoming month. And if you ask you’ll receive answers. Don’t however get too bogged down in serious stuff. The real secret of the new Moon in this house is to lighten the load. Laugh at the absurdity of life and deep down know all will eventually be well.

No matter how deep you go this week, there’s a surge of optimism powering your forward into the future now. All down to Jupiter your ruler returning to your sign for the first time in 12 years. If you were 18 or over then, think back. What doors opened for you? Which did you choose to walk through? Jupiter always invites us and it is up to us whether we accept or not. It’s time to think and prepare for something big. To set your sights high and adopt a ‘No limits’ mindset. A key area of your life is set to expand now. Jupiter will be at its most generous and you could benefit from this via people in positions of influence or authority helping you – which is Jupiter turning up in person. Follow your dreams where they take you. The sky’s the limit for the next 13 months.





Capricorn – Get ready to receive gifts that last a lifetime

You’re entering a time when still waters run deep and there may be more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye, Capricorn. You could be leading a secret life or nurturing secret ambitions for your future. One thing is certain, you have your own secret universe you’re creating and you are going to be picky about who you allow to enter it. This week sees Jupiter planet of expansion, move into your mysterious 12th house. It’s been 12 years since Jupiter invited you on a journey to the deep side of life. If you were under 18 then, this is the first time you will have experienced this transit as a fully-fledged adult. Enter the world of dreams, imagination and spirituality. This is your house of universal truths and beliefs Jupiter rules higher learning and philosophy. Expect to go on a spiritual journey while Jupiter is in here which broadens your horizons and your understanding of life’s big questions. Working in the background or on something you are not yet ready to reveal to the world is another aspect of Jupiter in here. As can be travelling back to places where you have a past or even past life connection. Understand this Jupiter transit is not about material gain but it is about handing you intangible gifts that end up being far more valuable to you in the long term.

These can even be in the form of people you know. This week’s new Moon appear in your house of friends, contacts and goals. Time to make new friends, business or professional contacts and reinvigorate your social life if it has been lackluster lately. Make the effort to connect, to issue invitations and to get out and about and you’ll find invitations flow back to you in return. Don’t stay home with that boxset now. There’s a big wide world knocking on your door so open it up and let it in! This is your house of reception so decide on what it is you really want and commit to that goal. This new Moon says time for a new game plan so devise one now. Even if it means keeping that silver linings playbook to yourself for the time being.




Aquarius – Expand your social circle

Make a wish now, Aquarius. Better yet – make three! And as you do know that you have your very best chance of seeing at least one manifest during the next 13 months now Jupiter arrives in your 11th. The energy of this house resonates with your soul as of course, your sign is the 11th of the zodiac. Expect to express your individuality in bigger, more creative and grandiose ways while Jupiter is visiting. Remember, the 11th house is the house of reception – what we are ready to receive. Open up to possibilities and the generosity of others. Your circle of friends is set to expand now with one friend or contact in particular playing the role of Jupiter in person. This person may be exuberant, unapologetically themselves, somewhat larger than life and well-traveled or have foreign connections. They may want to help you or show you their generosity with no agenda or expectations of anything in return – other than being a good friend. Travel with friends or part of a group is also favoured during this transit. If you find yourself in a position to act in this way to someone else, then please, pay your good fortune forward if you can.

This week’s new Moon which takes place the day before Jupiter shifts signs, occurs in your 10th and is one of the most important new Moons of the year when it comes to business and career plans. If you feel limited or restricted in any way, it’s now time to look at that and take some responsibility for changing things. If you have laid the right foundations especially with your career to date, this new Moon can see doors to future success open. Many astrologers consider this new Moon one of the most fateful of the year – in terms of your ability to set your future direction. You are at the helm charting the course your life can head it. You are in a position now to impress all the right people. Craft your image and what you say and above all – be seen as someone who knows what they want and where they are going. It’s more than just wishful thinking. When it comes to whatever you want, take action as dreams can and do come true.





Pisces – Cultivate confidence

A new Moon in your 9th offers you a taste of expansion and freedom this week. Plus it hands you insight into the deeper meaning behind what it is you truly want due to it making a wonderful angle to Neptune in your 1st. Where does your imagination want to take you this week, Pisces? Follow those dreams and desires. They are not as far-fetched or unattainable as you might think. This new Moon wants to you experience something and is one of those new Moons under which to travel or think about future plans. It marks the start of a phase where bigger things are to come. It also connects you to people who may be able to help you when it comes to what you want to achieve. Connect, expand and promote yourself now.

You’ve experienced all the benefits of Jupiter in its ruling 9th in your chart for the past year. This week sees Jupiter change signs and enter your 10th of career, reputation and rewards. This is another reason to cultivate the confidence to promote yourself and what it is you want to achieve. If you have been experiencing restrictions around your work or career, Jupiter in here will break you free of them and put you on a fresh path to success. If you are happy with your present direction, look forward to building on what you have already achieved with more success coming your way. Jupiter can manifest in person during this cycle in the form of the generous employer or the career mentor who takes you under their wing. If you are dealing with people in positions of authority now, expect to make a good impression. This is also the house that traditionally rules the status of your partner or potential partner. Couples could benefit from their partner’s success while singles could attract someone who is highly successful in their own field and generous to boot. Jupiter in here says know what you want and allow yourself to aim higher than you normally would. You’ll never discover how far you can go until you try. until you try.





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