What August 2018 Means For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What-August-2018-Means-For-You-Based-On-Your-Zodiac-Sign.jpgFiery Leo season is coming in like a lion on July 22, and what Leo season 2018 means for you based on your zodiac sign largely depends how willing you are to recognize and embrace your own power.

“The overall tone of the modality of the Leo season provides us with confidence to stand our ground, stand up for ourselves, and speak out on what we believe in,” the website Numerology Sign explained. In some ways, Leo season 2018 will embody a duality usually associated with Gemini.

Because Leo is a fixed sign associated with persistence, determination, and tenacity, you’ll feel more confident than usual. However, your confidence and persistence could lead to disagreements with others who feel just as strongly about their point of view.

What’s more, the cosmic energy of five retrograde planets — one of which is Mercury — coupled with the influence of the full blood moon and total lunar eclipse, could disrupt Leo’s self-assured nature. This means you might second-guess yourself. Remember: Always go with your first instinct.

If you can overcome the feelings of doubt presented by other cosmic influences, Leo season 2018 could be a productive and rewarding time for all signs of the zodiac.

“If you are an artist try to get your work displayed where you live. If you have natural leadership abilities then apply for that promotion you have been wanting,” Numerology Sign advised.

“Make sure to talk up your skills every chance you get. Leo Season 2018 is not a time to sell yourself short.” Wondering how Leo season will affect you? Here’s what you can expect based on your sign.



Aries, after a restful Cancer season, Leo season 2018 is going to have you roaring like a lion with a renewed energy that allows you to reclaim your throne as queen of the zodiac.

“The next four weeks are all about play and pleasure — perfect timing for the peak of summer — so try not to lock yourself into any huge obligations,” the Astro Twins advised on Astro Style. “Spontaneous adventures await! Dive into a creative project, or let your inner performer take the stage.”



Taurus, while you generally like to plan everything, this summer’s retrograde planets have you being more spontaneous than usual, and Leo season 2018 is no exception.

For you, Leo season begins hot and heavy. “You have a very romantic weekend this month, which will come over July 22-23,” Astrologer Susan Miller noted on Astrology Zone.

“It will be such a lovely one, for Venus in Virgo will receive dazzling rays from Jupiter in Scorpio, linking your house of love, fun, and leisure to the house of marriage and partner.”



Gemini, the first few days of Leo season 2018 provide a clear path for clear and expressive communication. Take advantage of this opportunity to say what’s on your mind before Mercury retrograde begins July 26 and makes everything weird AF.

“On July 22, the Sun swings into Leo and your social third house, helping you get out of your head and talk things through,” the Astro Twins noted.

“With el Sol in your communication and kindred-spirits zone, synergies can spark up quickly. But don’t rush to sign someone on as a partner too quickly.”



Cancer, as your season comes to a close, you could be abruptly thrown into chaos. There is one exception: The first weekend of

Leo season 2018, where Venus and Jupiter are synced up, is the ideal time to get away for some rest and relaxation so you can recharge your batteries before taking on Mercury retrograde.

As long as you trust your gut during Mercury’s quarterly backspin, you can’t go wrong. “You can find the money you need as long as you stick to your program.

Cancer is considered one of the wise financial signs,” Miller revealed. “You will come out of this month stronger than ever before.”



Happy Birthday, Leo! If you’ve been hiding out this summer, Leo season 2018 is the time to step back into the spotlight like the star you are.

Plan a celebration that’s all about you, and invite everyone you know to bask in your birthday glow.

“You’ll have earned yourself an extra slice of birthday cake once Leo season begins on July 22, kicking off four weeks during which YOU rule the scene,” the Astro Twins noted. “Shake off any heaviness and refocus on your own goals.”



Virgo, if you’ve been planning to take a quick summer vacay, do it the first weekend of Leo season 2018 because you won’t get another opportunity to relax until the end of August.

Mercury retrograde, the blood moon, and lunar eclipse will disrupt things at work, and you’re the only one who can keep things from completely falling apart. “Secrets will be exposed, and a certain area of your life will become unstable,” Miller predicted.

“Specifically, keep your eye on one of the following areas: a legal case, distant travel or an international relationship, an import-export matter or one involving immigration, passport, citizenship, visa, or green card.”



Libra, you often spend so much time trying to please everyone else that you fail to ask for help when you need it. Leo season 2018 is the time to drop your guard and rely on others to help you get through a stressful situation.

“You’ll get by with a little help from your friends starting July 22, when the sun sails into Leo and your eleventh house of teamwork, technology, and networking,” the Astro Twins noted.

“As a social Libra, you’re a natural people person (whether you admit it or not), and having a strong community always makes your life flow more easily.”



Scorpio, with Mars — one of your ruling planets — turning retrograde during Leo season 2018, things are going to get frustrating. You could suffer a loss that feels devastating at the moment, but will later reveal itself as a blessing disguise.

“Mars rules courage, determination, and drive, as well as the will to win over the competition. When Mars is retrograde, however, you may lack the motivation to be the best and feel overwhelmed with the strenuousness of the task,” Miller explained. “Later, in hindsight, you will see that what you ‘lost’ you really gained, for you dodged a bad situation.”



Sagittarius, it’s been a cruel, cruel summer, but Leo season 2018 is offering you a much-needed reprieve. For the next 30 days, the world is your oyster, so go after everything you want.

“You’re truly in your element for the next four weeks, pulling out of any emotional tunnels to reconnect with the wider world,” the Astro Twins revealed.

“Blue-sky visioning, travel and big ideas are your wheelhouses, and El Sol heats up the action. Your mind is hungry for new knowledge and experiences, so stock up your Kindle reader and hit the road for a spontaneous journey or two.”



Capricorn, the beginning of Leo season 2018 is akin to the winter of your discontent. You may feel out of sorts, isolated, and confused.

This is why it’s vital to spend time with friends and family to stay grounded and avoid diving down into a dark and twisty tunnel. “July is your ‘winter’ when you cannot feel the warmth of your Capricorn sun’s rays (it’s too far away),” Miller explained.

“To compensate, you will need to move closer to others, to work cooperatively to get emotional, financial, and practical support.”



Aquarius, after Cancer season’s rejuvenating energy, Leo season 2018 has you feeling like a shiny new penny. Now that you’re feeling more like yourself, you may begin to see both personal and professional partnerships in a new light, but remember that slow and steady wins the race.

“On July 22, the sun starts a four-week visit to Leo and your partnership zone, putting the spotlight on your closest relationships,” the Astro Twins noted.

“You might decide to make things official in a romantic or business relationship. But take your time before locking in any binding commitments.”



Pensive Pisces, Leo season 2018 is going to heighten your intuition and reinforce what you already know: Your first instinct is always right.

Being intuitive can be both a blessing and a curse, and you could end up uncovering something you wish had stayed hidden. “A secret that someone held from you is likely to come out, and if so, if it likely to be a message you never anticipated,” Miller revealed.

If you’re on the fence about making a big decision, like whether or not to end a relationship or take another job, trust your gut to guide you in the right direction.

Overall, the message of Leo season is that all signs are best served by being themselves. Don’t try to twist yourself into a pretzel to please someone else, as this almost always results in negative consequences in the long run.

Dropping your mask and showing the world who you really are can be difficult, and some signs will struggle with this more than others.

Harness the energy of Leo season to rediscover who you truly are at your core, and remember that the universe has your back and wants you to be your best self.


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