What Does The August Solar Eclipse Mean For You And Your Zodiac?

What-Does-The-August-Solar-Eclipse-Mean-For-You-And-Your-Zodiac.jpgThe third eclipse of the summer is approaching this month and astrologers worldwide are looking to the stars and Moon for signs of change.

The August New Moon will pass in front of the glowing face of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere on Saturday, August 11.

The partial solar eclipse comes off the back of the July 27, Blood Moon lunar eclipse and another partial eclipse on July 13.

Overall, the August eclipse of the Sun is the fifth eclipse event of the year and astrology enthusiasts are already counting down the days.

While those who believe the movements of the stars, the Sun and the Moon have an impact on our lives also think the eclipse will usher in a time of intense change.

“But we have a lot of other aspects as well that make this period so powerful. It’s a very fast moving period of change.”

Fellow astrologer Barbara Goldsmith thinks the alignment of the Sun and the Moon with six planets in fixed signs, may challenge our ability to embrace change this month.

She encouraged people to let go of anything that does not serve their greater good and accept change.

Mrs. Goldsmith said: “On August 11 we have a solar eclipse at 18 degrees and 41 minutes of Leo, making this the last of a series three eclipses we’ve had over this last month.

“So during this eclipse, we have six planets in fixed signs and this is going to be an opportunity for you to see where you are rigid, to see where you have a set expectation, a set routine where it’s not serving you.

“Because when you really have predictability in your life, after a while it does often get boring. It’s like having that nine to five job, and going to that same office and doing similar things every day.”

The astrologer argued the New Moon solar eclipse is the perfect opportunity to “move things” and embrace more joy in our lives.

The solar eclipse will peak on the dayside of Earth next week in the morning hours, around 10.46 UK time.

The eclipse will be mainly visible from the uppermost parts of the Northern Hemisphere but astrologers believe your location during the eclipse is irrelevant to receive its energies.

Astrologer Kari Samuels said: “The theme of this month is all about light and stepping into a new light in your life and the Sun, so there’s a lot of breakthrough consciousness that’s happening right now.

“This is kind of the last real spiritually and emotionally intense month because we’re still in eclipse season – we are experiencing our third eclipse this month – three in a row.

“So that whole season of eclipses, you’re in it and you’re in it, right?”


Aries Weekly Horoscope

Although it might feel like a *lot* is going on around you right now, it’s still good to stay alert to opportunities for change in your home situation, as well as with career plans.

The solar eclipse is in your domestic sector, which means there might be certain tensions building; plus, with potent Pluto involved, emotions could be major.

However, sweet Venus moves into Virgo and your lifestyle sector, helping to bring harmony to everyday relationships.

And with jovial Jupiter turning direct in your sector of shared assets, money and business matters may begin to show greater promise. Read your entire 


Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Luscious Venus, your guide planet, moves into Virgo and your leisure sector on Monday, encouraging you to kick back and take time out to enjoy yourself.

It’s an excellent time to get creative or romantic — or both! This week’s solar eclipse in your communication sector might inspire you to take a stand against someone pressuring you — be strong and stand your ground.

It’s OK, lively Jupiter turns direct on Tuesday, which means you’ll likely have others around to support you through it. Read your entire 


Gemini Weekly Horoscope

With the solar eclipse in your money zone and its connection to powerful Pluto, it’s a good time to wait until eclipse energies have settled before making any big financial decisions.

With lovely Venus moving into your home zone this week, you could gain great pleasure from entertaining and beautifying your abode. If that’s the kind of thing that makes you happy, this is the time to indulge fully!


Cancer Weekly Horoscope

With delightful Venus move into your sector of talk and thought on Monday, the coming days can help to smooth over any difficulties you may be having with others.

Time to network with a smile! The solar eclipse in your sign on Thursday will build all week and could indicate a time for a big change or perhaps a chance to free yourself from a dominating influence.

This eclipse opposes powerful Pluto in your sector of relating, so you might decide it’s time to stand your ground and put your foot down.

With expansive Jupiter turning direct in your leisure sector, it’s also the ideal time to start a new enterprise — what’ll it be?! 


Leo Weekly Horoscope

With sultry Venus moving into Virgo and your money zone on Monday, you might be inclined to spend some dough. If your purchases might help you get healthier, you’re on the right track.

With positive Jupiter in your home zone turning direct on Tuesday, any house-focused plans could come to fruition. However, the flagship news for you is that the solar eclipse is in your spiritual and psychological sector on Thursday, offering the chance of a fresh start.

But because it also ties into potent Pluto, it could mean making a complete break from an aspect of the past so you can embrace the next step on your evolutionary path. Onward!


Virgo Weekly Horoscope

With delectable Venus moving into your sign on Monday, you might want to reach out to people you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s also a great time for reinvention and fully expressing your true identity if you’re feeling it.

Jovial Jupiter in your communication sector turns direct on Tuesday, which means it’s a good time to work on deals and plans.

The coming weeks could also see you reaping rewards for the work you have done over the past months. The solar eclipse in your social zone on Thursday might bring changes, but because this eclipse links to radical Pluto in your sector of creativity, you might need to find a balance between enjoying your friends and committing to a compelling project that takes you away from them. Decisions, decisions! 


Libra Weekly Horoscope

Delectable Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Virgo and your spiritual sector on Monday, which means it could be a great opportunity to volunteer your time — be it a charity or helping a friend in need.

When positive Jupiter pushes forward on Tuesday, that might help your cash flow. If you have been building a business, you may now see some of the dollars, dollar bills start to come in.

Also, a solar eclipse in the topmost sector of your chart on Thursday could hint at changes in your career or your personal goals.

If someone at home resents what you’re doing, this lunar phase could encourage you to stand your ground and forge your own path, regardless of other opinions. This could be very liberating and bode well for the future, too. 


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

With lively Mercury in your career zone, it’s a great time to show everyone at work just what you’re capable of. Show off those skills, Scorpio!

Also, with lovely Venus moving into your social sector on Monday, your friendships (and maybe romantic life, too!) could sparkle. Jupiter’s forward motion on Tuesday suggests that all the hard work you’ve been putting in could be about to pay off.

The solar eclipse in your sector of travel and exploration on Thursday may inspire you to try some new experience — and even if your mindset is holding you back, it’s a good time to free yourself from influences that keep you stuck. 


Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Your sector of goals and career comes into focus on Monday as convivial Venus moves in — it could be time to take stock of resources and move forward with your plans.

It could also be a great time for business, in general, so stay alert. With upbeat Jupiter, your guide planet, turning direct on Tuesday, you might be encouraged to pay more attention to your dreams and any intuitive nudges — do it, for it could save you time and money.

And finally, the solar eclipse in a more intense sector of your chart on Thursday, which means it could be time to make those long awaited for changes. 


Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

This month could be quite intense in more ways than one, particularly with chatty Mercury in a deeply emotional sector of your chart for some time to come.

It’s a good time to ~go deep~ into yourself and figure out exactly what you want. On Monday, beautiful Venus moves into Virgo and your sector of travel and exploration, which means romance could sizzle.

With a solar eclipse in Cancer and your sector of relating, relationships may go through changes this month — as this will tie in with powerful Pluto in your sign, you might need to change your approach or attitude to another so that your relationship can grow and develop along positive lines. 


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

With lovely Venus moving into your sector of shares assets, business, and intimacy, it could be a good opportunity to get closer to your partner and rekindle the flame of passion.

Ooh, la la! Where business is concerned, the presence of diplomatic Venus here can ease the way in negotiations, so it’s also a great time to get down to business.

With philosophical Jupiter moving forward in your sector of goals and career on Tuesday, things that have been taking a while will start to speed up.

Thursday’s solar eclipse in your lifestyle zone inspires you to move past any self-doubt and explore possibilities that lift your spirits!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Are you ready for romance? Because your love life looks positively glowing this month as sultry Venus moves into Virgo and your relationship zone on Monday.

Also, expansive Jupiter turns direct in your travel and exploration zone, which means it’s a good time to get out there and see everything there is to see.

Thursday’s solar eclipse in your sector of leisure and romance means a chance for a fresh start and perhaps an opportunity to move away from a friendship that seems somewhat toxic. Be strong — your creativity and romantic opportunities will increase with this person out of your life! 


Source: moon-child


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