What The Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction Will Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships Until January 2019

Once we make a decision the universe conspires to help us succeed.

On November 27th, Mercury and Jupiter will form a conjunction in Sagittarius, opening our eyes to the possibilities and helping us plan how to make our dreams a reality. But what does Mercury conjunct Jupiter — with both Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius — mean for your zodiac sign and your love horoscope?

Well, a conjunction is simply the meeting of two planets within the same sign, and as we begin Sagittarius season it means that we’re thinking further and dreaming big. The lessons of 2018 are now over and we’re looking towards the future. While this transit occurs on just one day, with the influence of the Archer we will be feeling this inspiration to make changes throughout the remainder of the year.

The lessons have all been learned. The pain has been felt and what was meant to fall now lays in pieces at our feet. The distractions have all been discarded and the ways in which we’ve sabotaged our progress are now being abandoned. Welcome to the setting up of 2019!


Each year in astrology has its benefits as well as chaos, and while sometimes we all sit praying for an uneventful and peaceful year, that is not always what benefits us the most. November has been about clearing the fog from Venus retrograde, and while we’ve also been under a Mercury retrograde, since the planet of love turned direct we haven’t felt as disorientated during that time as we usually do.

Mercury retrogrades tend to cause mental confusions and communication errors, but in this case it was perfectly timed after our Venus retrograde ended. So much happened during her rebirth around the Sun that we didn’t know where to turn; we weren’t sure what to make of everything and many of us were unsure if we should give our lover another chance or simply turn around and move on for good.

Whenever we need to rethink or review a situation or information, a retrograde helps because the whole purpose of it is to go back over ground we’ve already traveled to make more sense of it. We needed the Mercury retrograde to process and think about what occurred in our own relationships during that time. Even if our relationship was built on solid ground, it still seemed as if we were shaky and likely were left questioning everything, wondering if there really was a purpose to it all.

Venus wasn’t just about messing up relationships but about making them healthier and more balanced as she ended her phase in Libra, the sign of the scales. But going back over what already occurred isn’t always easy; it’s not always pleasant and sometimes we’d just rather throw it away than risk getting hurt again.

But Mercury wouldn’t let us take the easy way out; the planet that governs our communication wouldn’t let us just take things as they seemed to be and instead created the opportunity for us to learn what was really going on, all while it felt like our world was falling apart. Since Mercury turned retrograde we’ve likely found ourselves engaging in more conversations with our partners, even wondering if we made a mistake and that maybe what we have is strong enough to save.


As we neared the full moon last week, we were seeing issues and situations rise to the surface. In some cases, if we hadn’t yet expressed ourselves, we might have felt a renewed sense of anger or disappointment, but even the strongest emotion can represent the deepest feeling.


And this is where Mercury and Jupiter connect us to where we go from here. The past year is already a distant memory and while we could choose to sit in regret or anguish over what’s occurred, we’re also nearing a new beginning that is intriguing us more than the past. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius will be bringing good news, hope, and optimism once again to our lives and our plans.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance and has just recently moved into Sagittarius for the next year where he will undoubtedly make our dreams bigger and also the actions that we will take to get them. It’s a year that isn’t about looking back but taking what we need, what still serves us, and moving ahead and building something brand new.

While Jupiter in Sagittarius makes everything bigger, Mercury in Sagittarius likes to think and talk about things. These two attributes will be making it possible for us to start crafting plans for where we should go from here.

In terms of our relationships, it’s going to becoming increasingly clearer about those that are meant to change and grow versus those that seem to just be on life support. In the coming days we will feel more confident in either teaming up with our partner and making plans for the future, or in letting them go with love once more.

We’re not being held back by anything any longer and that includes how we wanted things to go for us, especially in terms of love and relationships. Prior to 2018, it seemed that we’d stay through anything if we could believe that we were meant to, or if the love had a fated or destined quality.

But during the course of the past year, and mainly during the Venus retrograde, we became more comfortable in letting go of those things that don’t align to our dreams, goals, and needs.


Jupiter will help inspire us to believe in ourselves and Mercury will help us communicate and plan our next steps. And this time it will seem like we’re getting a little help from the universe.

Sometimes it’s not that something isn’t meant to be, but that we’re standing in the way of it occurring, and now is the time when we stop being the reason why we don’t have the life and love we want. Because it’s just about making a decisions and watching how the universe seems to come together to help us succeed.



Source : yourtango


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