What To Expect From The Last 3 Months Of 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



While all of the above applies to your career, adjustments are needed. It can be stressful to switch out tried-and-true methods, especially when you spent so much time figuring them out. Still, growth and learning are where it’s at for you and you always prefer to do things right than get your way.

Your co-workers really appreciate this quality — it’s a big part of why they depend so heavily on your input. July to August 2018 will be periods that test your ability to think on your feet without freaking. What’s in crisis must adapt, even if you’re not 100% sure how to operate differently yet.

Slowing down, meditating, tuning into your senses, listening to music, spending time with animals (minus that dog of perfectionism) are healthy, Virgo-friendly ways to chill and reground. You are a problem-solver extraordinaire. Plug that shiny, sparkly brain into the universal energy source (peace) and you’ll understand what to do next.



You take love seriously, making it less fun but more real. If you’ve been thinking about having kids (or struggling with ones you already have), that will likely become a dominant theme in your love life. You may also find that professional duties and responsibilities eat up leisure time with friends and lovers.

If this feels less than awesome, examine how your choices have led to these circumstances. Virgos tend to load up their schedules because tasks are easier to succeed at than relationships and feelings are. In fact — shocking, I know — you can’t succeed at relationships and feelings.

There is no perfect marriage. There is no well-executed grief. They just don’t exist. Even when we know this intellectually, it’s tough to trust that wherever we are, whatever we’re doing is okay. But I promise you, Virgo, all you need to do is show up.

Special opportunities to figure out what’s going on in those maddeningly mushy feelings of yours come during the unfairly dreaded Mercury retrogrades, which this year will occur from March to April, July to August, and November to December. In 2018, all of these retrogrades take place in your emotional houses. Again, the key to insight is slowing down.


September 23 to October 22

In a nutshell…

“Decisions, decisions, why even make decisions when you just end up with some lackluster consolation prize?” Thus spoke the devil on your left shoulder (or should I say left scale?). The angel, meanwhile, says you really better make a decision if you want to get anything done for the rest of this year.

Or is the angel on your left scale and the devil on your right? Are they even so different? Well, Libra, for the next couple of years, there is a right action and wrong one.

You won’t figure out which is which through analysis or a careful weighing of options. Instead, you’ll know a wrong action if it leads you to smack into a brick wall. A right action might lead to a tall staircase (ugh, I know: stairs!), but it’ll be obviously climbable. Be the smartie you are: Take the staircase.



Money’s either going to fall in your lap this year or be a pie in the sky. The world will be entering seven years of major financial upheaval starting this May; the spillover effect for you is that, at least until November 2018, it’ll be hard to plan realistically. The same is (sort of) true professionally, where your larger goals and successes may have to take a backseat to issues at home.

Boundary-setting is in order. If you’ve let things slide in the interest of harmony, your resentment will rear its head. Likewise, if you’ve deftly manipulated or overly rationalized others into playing nice, that method has hit its expiration date.

A simpler tactic presents itself in 2018: State clearly what you want — and what you don’t. It’s important to show up for your responsibilities and fulfill contracts literal and figurative. Be careful, though, about doing emotional labor out of your idea of what’s fair.

This has more to do with what you believe will make others like you than fairness. You’re the one whose opinion matters at the end of the day, so focus on earning your own respect.



Physical pleasures are where it’s at this year, Libra. Schedule in plenty of time for a few of your favorite things: relaxed makeouts, massages, bath salts, and aesthetically perfect treats. Spend your traveling budget on a trip or several to a spa, hot spring, or other chill adventure.

Rather than breaking your piggy bank, ask around about inexpensive local places that combine the traveler’s thrill of enlarged horizons with the lazy person’s thrill of lying around while people bring you hot towels. On the relationship front, bonds with friends and sweeties might be occasionally sticky.

Major improvements come through examining the stories you tell yourself about love, especially ones that bring out your insecurities. You see relationships as being stronger than the sum of their parts. That’s what makes you so gifted at forming bonds.

Problems arise when you put the individual against the relationship, acting as if to be a “we,” we must sacrifice our “I.” You of all people, Libra, should know you really can have it both ways.


October 23 to November 21

In a nutshell…
Human beings are super sketchy. From our juvenile jealousies to our spite to our self-serving manipulations to our power trips, we are not to be trusted. This is true for all signs, and yet you alone, Scorpio, are symbolized by a poisonous, hard-shelled insect! Unfair, yes, like most things in life.

The difference between you and other signs, Scorpio, is that you know your own sketchiness. You’ve befriended it; you’ve been to war with it; you’ve had a number of interesting experiences together. At least within yourself, you bravely face who you really are. That’s what makes you so resilient. It’s also the source of your psychological acumen and profound empathy.

As Jupiter continues moving through your sign, much depends on how you’ve handled that shadow side. Jupiter, a planet of luck and inspiration, entered Scorpio in October 2017 and will remain there through November 2018. During that period, it will pass over your Sun, bringing gifts of confidence, expanding your personal power and outing secrets. (See the Weinstein effect, which began almost to the day Jupiter entered Scorpio.)

Jupiter’s luck rewards truthful intentions and tends to bring comeuppance for sneaky ones. You contain both impulses at maximum dosage, so the question is: Have you used your darkness to bear down on an inner truth or to get your way at all costs?

If you’ve done the former, you are probably already standing up as a teacher and truth-teller, helping inspire others to transform. If you’ve favored the latter, you can now use your power to heal broken bones. An honest apology goes a long way this year.



Expect breakthroughs around your career, long-term goals, and reputation, assuming you take a creative risk or two when pinged by your intuition. January to February and July to August are flashpoints that ask you to adjust and make vital changes. These don’t need to be bridge-burners — again, a little effort goes a long way.

Communication issues might cause slowdowns. Make it a pet project to develop stronger ethics around what you say and what you withhold. Doing so will help earn others’ trust and may have the side benefit of alchemizing a self-defeating inner voice to one that is firm yet helpful.



You’ve mistakenly been dubbed the sign of sex when you are really the queen of deep intimacy. Your truest self is the crazy-good listener who will stay up chatting until dawn for a friend going through a breakup. Sex for you is a means to the ever-compelling merging between two selves.

While you’re quite loyal, you cannot tolerate emotional boredom well and a shallow connection can kill your relationships. The rest of this year will set off exciting, unpredictable, potentially shocking changes in your closest bonds.

Lay off the possessiveness, but be upfront about what you want. Healthy relationships will improve, so long as both people have space to be their independent selves — and you and boo take on some transformative new experiences together.


November 22 to December 21


In a nutshell…

Feel that wind billowing through your mane, Wild One? That’s the hard-earned freedom that comes with fusty Saturn, planet of no fun, finally skedaddling from your sign. Since 2015, you’ve been taking the final exam of a 28-year class and (thanks to astrological grade inflation) no matter what score you got, you passed.

Embrace this period of new beginnings by spending plenty of time doing your signature recreations: learning about philosophy, studying law and religion, traveling, teaching, public speaking, publishing, poorly planned adventuring, and climbing to vista points to take in the big-picture view.

Expect a few speed bumps in these areas during July and August. Problematic situations will inspire you to reconsider some of your most strongly held beliefs and make changes. Fortunately, you’re usually willing to expand your perspective to embrace new understandings.

Until next November, solo retreats, especially those with a stack of books, help you let go of the need to be right in favor of alignment with truth. These rest periods revive your faith in human beings, bringing out your best self. Mercury celebrates your 2018 birthday by going retrograde in your sign (again!), so keep your b-day plans loosey-goosey and do what you’re best at: turning accidents into fun.



Money issues are up for review for the next several years. This might mean tightening your belt and reining in your natural inclination to buy the whole world a Coke and then gift it the shirt off your back. You can be generous without giving your debt collectors extra work — you’re a genius for making rags feel like riches — and for the next little while, maintaining those boundaries will be easier.

Give yourself the new year’s treat of a visit to a financial planner. Books that marry $$$ matters to a larger life philosophy can help make budgeting feel meaningful (it is!) and keep you moving through the boring parts. After May, boring might even sound nice, as Uranus, a planet of surprises and 180-degree turnarounds, zips into your house of work and routines.

Habits will be knocked to the ground as the order of your daily life becomes suddenly unpredictable. Uranus can be a lot of fun at times, especially for up-for-whatever Sags. The trick to enjoying this transit is actively spicing up your work life. Embrace new technology to do your job better and work either on your own changeable schedule or on a team of smarties you get along with well.



Since 2011, your romantic life has been wacky: full of excitement, but full of stress, too. You may have found yourself dating people way outside of your usual type. Newness has been a big part of the draw, and sticking around once relationships settle down may have been tough.

In May, things chill out, in a good way. Everything you’ve learned about letting your true self-show comes into play. Now that you’ve integrated this awareness, you’ll probably find yourself feeling more comfortable in dating and love. All your relationships should become more stable as a result.


December 22 to January 19


In a nutshell…

It’s your year, Mer-Goat — for better or worse? Serious Saturn, a planet of getting-‘er-done, moved into your sign on December 19, 2017. Saturn is Capricorn’s planetary ruler, which means you naturally vibe with its methodical-yet-deep modus operandi. Until 2020, the whole world will be doing its best to act like a Cap.

While everyone tries to get their sh*t together, depressing themselves in the process, you’ll have your head down, chugging along toward your goals. Your gift is the ability to X-ray vision the meaningful essence within the crap. Others will need to hear what you see — and will likely want some pointers for identifying what matters.

Your friends and professional network will be especially receptive to your guidance, which is great for everyone since you give great advice (and love it when others finally listen to you). The danger here is letting your serious side run the show, leaving your super sensitive side in the dust.

The human stuff — feelings, vulnerability, creativity, bonding — can make you feel awkward and embarrassed. It’s easy to tell yourself there’s no point in “wallowing” in sadness, or that a midday cuddle session is irresponsible. In reality, though, you’ll find your big, serious Capricorn heart at the center of everything you’ve achieved that actually matters.



The universe is keeping you wicked busy for the next several years. Think of it as cash in your chips from the last 29 years. Capricorns are late bloomers, so if you’re under 30, don’t sweat a few defeats along the way. Mistakes are your best teacher and the agony that accompanies them is largely self-created.

The trick is to master your self-talk — beware of telling yourself anything that begins with “I should” or “I must.” Your life is your own original creation, Mer-Goat, no matter what anyone says. Complete current projects, prioritizing what works over self-defeating perfectionism, and you’ll be ready to start a brand new masterpiece.

Over-30 Caps, enjoy watching your delightful plots take shape. Whatever passion you’ve put in the hours for will come together during this period. Adjust as necessary when you come up against obstacles, leave behind the not-workable and celebrate (like, actually celebrate) your successes. For all Caps, “achievable goals” is this year’s key phrase.



Despite your famous gravitas, you are devilishly good at sensual, sexy romance. This May sets off a 7-year lightning storm in your house of courtship and love. Expect new attractions against your usual type.

Older, younger, differently-gendered, a radical departure from what your inner parent approves of are all potential sources of love matches. If you’ve let a current relationship grow stale, you may be tempted to wander. Trying to ignore the itch will only make it destructive.

Instead, befriend the urge for newness. Relight the spark with your sweetie by scheduling in adventure time, signing up for a brain-stimulating experience together, embracing your freaky side in the bedroom (or out of it), pursuing new friendships together, and/or exercising mutual independence.


January 20 to February 18

In a nutshell…

Aquarius, you embody the paradox: rebel/conformist, serious brainiac/playful perma-teenager, consistency-lover/radical-change queen. This inner tension leads to your life periodically taking an unpredictable 90-degree turn. For others, such dramatic changes would be a sign of a total personality makeover; for you, it’s more like changing an outfit.

To be fair, clothing decisions stress you out, but once a decision becomes action, you’re generally happy just to be doing something new. Starting May of this year, a major veer to the left is coming. If a move has been brewing, quit fretting and just do it. If a move hasn’t been brewing, it might well happen anyway.

Insights and opportunities come fast and furious over the next several years. Expect excitement and stress, making that perfect rut you’ve been pacing intolerable. The longer you spend debating and researching choices, the more of a toll stress will take on your nervous system. Your best bet is to leap feet-first into a new, fun experience.

So long as you clue friends, family, and colleagues in about where you’ve gone, you’ll leave your bridges intact behind you in case you want to return. My guess, though, Aquarius, is that you’re just going to keep zig-zagging your way forward.



This past October, Jupiter, planet of luck, entered your house of reputation and career. It remains there until November 2018, providing you with more and better professional opportunities. Your reputation is enlarged, meaning more people will hear about what you’re up to.

All the more reason to be your most altruistic self, since negative rumors will spread as far as good ones. You thoroughly embrace the egalitarian ideal, approaching everyone as a potential friend. The problem for you is getting caught up in humanitarian theories, neglecting to back them up with action.

The rest of this year, people will be especially receptive to what you’re saying, so what you do or don’t can either bring you rewards or bite you in the ass. No one (except your inner perfectionist) expects total consistency from you, Aquarius, but they do assume you’ll finish what you started.

As you take on new, stimulating projects, be sure to see through any passion projects you begin. The trick here is seeing beyond the surface sparkle to what makes you feel vividly alive.



No person is an island, nor can they keep their options open forever. 2018 continues 2017’s theme of setting course based on your heart and putting love front and center. How do you choose a person to love?

It’s not so complicated, Aquarius, but it does mean listening to those irrational feelings. Your sense of joy will always be spot on. Pick the one who sends you into a giggle fit, who emboldens you, who eggs on your kid side.

Once you’ve made your choice, be a good teammate. The more time you spend luxuriating, creating, playing, and making decisions together, the stronger and more loving the relationship will be. P.S. If your relationship makes you feel dead inside, it is kinder to yourself and your partner to let it go.


February 19 to March 20

In a nutshell…
Everything that’s born returns to its source. Feelings, art projects, the human body, the line of music that passed through your dreams, all stand firm and then dissipate.

A lot of people act like what they see, own, and are is permanent. You, Pisces, sense that bigger picture of dissolution and return, a wholeness that transcends the human life. Since 2012 (and until 2025), Neptune, your ruling planet, has been moving through your sign, thrusting us underwater.

While the rest of us flail and kick, you exercise your gift of floating, listening and being okay with not knowing. You are affected, of course — you’re a human emotion-sponge, and every year has been tougher on the world than the one before — but you glimpse a light that others can’t.

From October 2017 through November 2018, the universe is calling on you to share that light with others through speaking, teaching, and publishing (Facebook status updates count). When your own hope flags, travel and study provide the retreat to help you tune back into that flow of inner knowing.



Magic happens when you translate your visions and impressions into concrete goals. The goal might feel impossibly far away, but breaking big goals into small to-dos makes them manageable. Crossing tasks off a list provide a nice satisfaction.

More than that, though, it calms your worries about chaos and shows you that you can handle the basic “adulting” stuff when you decide to. The pace of life picks up in May with news, texts, and noisy neighbors shocking you out of your meditative pace.

Organizational systems and an enjoyable routine will help absorb the impact. You’re most successful when you stay centered and calm, so it’s important to protect yourself from unwanted energetic invasion.

What you need is a psychic sorting hat that assigns new information to Gryffindor (“urgent”), Hufflepuff (“nice stuff”) Ravenclaw (“meh”), or Slytherin (“don’t even bother”) before you can get overwhelmed. Another name for such a sorting hat is boundaries. The idea is to let in what you want when you want it, keeping your inner peace intact.



Friendships will be more a source of responsibility than pleasure, and that’s okay. Over the next couple of years, you’re bringing more of your professional self into your peer group.

You’re likely used to playing a supporting role with friends; this year, support them by holding space. You can get a lot of satisfaction from leading groups that meet a tangible social need.

In general, you give a lot of emotional energy to all your relationships. You’re always drawn to people in pain and have a wonderful gift for healing through empathy.

Right now, though, you’re in several year phases in which it’s important to weed out those who want to be helped from those who just want to be enabled. True love flows when you pay attention to your boundaries, recognize your part in unhealthy dynamics, and get to work fixing them.





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