What To Expect This November – Your Monthly Horoscope For Each Sign

What To Expect This November – Your Monthly Horoscope For Each Sign


Aries – November horoscope

You’re in danger of getting into a rut with some of your friendships and close relationships, even with colleagues. Where do you feel there might be *growing pains*?

Those twinges are for a reason: it’s time to change things up a bit. Maybe the amount of time you spend and with whom, maybe the usual places you go or the things you’re (forever…) discussing. Shake things up a bit this month and you’ll notice a big (positive) difference.



Taurus – November horoscope

it’s fair to say that you’re not a big fan of change, nor do you make decisions quickly, or lightly. Yet you’ve come to the FRICKIN’ END of your tether with something in your life. It’s had enough chances to prove itself and has failed on each occasion.

So. Time to put on your boots, because, this month, those boots were made for walking (away)!



Gemini – November horoscope

If you focus and act with intention, this month, you can make a dream come true, I promise! And it will have lasting, positive repercussions on your life for years to come.

You’re on the cusp of a breakthrough, becoming who you were destined to be. Ohmygosh, this is awesome, Gemini! Pay attention, lean in and work hard- it’s going to be SO worth it.



Cancer – November horoscope

A real change is in the air for you, Cancer. And it’s significant, lasting and ultimately really positive. You’re going to move on from something, somewhere or someone which has become difficult and draining and turn to a heartfelt desire.

Whatever sadness you feel will swiftly be mitigated by becoming immersed and enlivened by your new venture. Don’t resist this process. Roll with the tide, it’s sweeping you somewhere new and different… and better.



Leo – November horoscope

A trip or holiday somewhere has the potential to change your future plans altogether! You learn something about yourself, along this journey, which inspires you to take a risky leap slap bang into a new adventure. Sometimes, new places make us see things differently.

The move marks the beginning of a new ascent to success and prosperity. You won’t regret it, and you won’t look back. This is the start of a quest which you were born to undertake.



Virgo – November horoscope

It’s tough being a Virgo, I know. You’re pretty hard on yourself and duty always comes first. This month, the Universe is giving you permission to chill.

Take a break from the grind, and go on a few sentimental, relaxing journeys and outings. See the places you’ve longed to. Visit people you miss. Reunite with family you love. There’s time enough for grafting and striving… but NOW is a time for enjoying the world around you.


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