What The Venus In Sagittarius Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 3rd, 2019

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Love is meant to be an adventure.

On January 7th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, meaning our zodiac signs will be in for new changes in our love horoscopes. Last year had a rough ending for the planet of love as she went through her retrograde in Scorpio, a sign she isn’t at home in because of her romantic nature.

However, just like 2018 is in the past, so are the issues and situations that placement brought us. Sagittarius is all about the future, what is on the horizon, and enjoying this one big, amazing life as much as we can.

We can enjoy this bountiful playful energy from now until February 3rd; however, we have to remember that the choices we make during this transit can have a lasting effect on our lives.

The planet of love has been in the spotlight lately and apparently, as 2019 starts up, she’s not quite ready to give it up just yet. During her retrograde last fall through Scorpio, she changed up a lot of our romantic plans through breakups or even shakeups, but as she starts this new transit all of that is in the past.

This time she’s not looking behind her but only forward. She’s no longer wondering what if or playing it safe. She’s not waiting by the phone hoping her ex will text her and she’s no longer afraid of actually having something she’s scared to lose.

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This year is all about Venus not only knowing her worth but making choices that align with it, and that means it’s our year to do that too!

Venus in Sagittarius is not the sign that we usually see the plethora of engagements happen under, but it is one that we stumble across love at first sight, or realize that it’s the adventure of being in love that means the most to us.

At this point in our lives we need this energy. We need to be renewed and we need to be reminded that love should make us feel good.

It seems that many of us have spent far too long being wounded, hurt and crying in our past relationships, not realizing that love shouldn’t actually make us feel like that.

Of course we’re going to have our bad days, and of course we’re going to fight or yell, but we also shouldn’t be spending more days crying than smiling in a relationship.

This year we’re done with all of this, and while things went down in our romantic lives different than we had thought they would, no longer are we sitting around crying and wishing they didn’t.

It’s not just because we are ready for new love, but because we are ready to take the necessary lessons from what we experienced and grow through them.

Many of us have felt a perspective switch during the last few weeks of December in which we could see the universe testing us with bringing back similar situations or even partners, almost challenging us to see if we’d keep repeating the same patterns or if we’ve grown.

The good news is that we didn’t fall for it. We really have come as far and now we are ready to move forward — not because we’re just blaming our ex but because we took responsibility for our role and actions in the relationship. Now we are focused on enjoying love, on not settling, and living our lives for ourselves.

Sagittarius loves life. He wants to experience all of it and leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of discovering the secret of happiness or the greater meaning of existence. This sign is a natural philosopher, which will be wonderful for us because we will be able to take the lessons we’ve learned and see the bigger picture, the greater reason things had to occur in the way in which they did.

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We will be less likely to hold onto grudges and more likely to want to embrace life and whatever the next chapter holds.

Sags love adventure, travel, education, and new experience so expect this to translate to your love lives for the next month or so.

Even though many of us are in the throes of winter, expect to want to do something different: plan a trip, try that new belly dancing class, download a new dating app, and see what else is out there besides everything else you’ve already experienced.

While this transit factors in single folks, it doesn’t mean that those in relationship or marital bliss are exempt. While those who are unattached may enjoy this transit more because it brings greater opportunity for new love and romance into the picture, it also means that it can spice up even the longest of relationships as well.

We don’t have to accept anything as the status quo, so if we feel like we need a change in our relationship, to do something different or to experience something new together, we need to grasp ahold of it.

Sagittarius doesn’t like routine, and while at times that can be of detriment, during this transit it’s really about remembering that all of this is supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to be fun. Love is supposed to be fun, and if it’s not we have to ask ourselves why.

While Venus in Sagittarius will be affecting us in a positive light, there are those that this transit might push to the edge, because this planet won’t let us get by with “we’re just doing okay” or “this is how all relationships are after a certain period of time.”

Sag calls our bluff on all of these ideals, not because he’s here to cause trouble but because he wants us to live this one amazing life as incredible as we can. But we can’t do that if we’re holding ourselves back. Love is supposed to be an adventure, not something we just settle for. 

This article was originally published by Your Tango.


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