Which Pet Fits to Your Zodiac Sign

Which Pet Fits to Your Zodiac Sign

What is the most appropriate pet for your zodiac sign? This article may be useful to help you choose the right pet according to you zodiac sign. Find out…

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What is the Most Appropriate Pet for Your Zodiac Sign



“All, as long as it is full of energy!”


“Turtle. Slow, it does not need much care and will not eat the food of the owner.”


“Parrot … Do I need to say more? Of course there is more to say ….


“Whatever it is … The important thing is to succumb to dressage!”


“Big, bold and beautiful cat, that does not compete with its owner who is the best.”


“Let’s see. I just have to get up at 7:30 to feed it. At 10:20 will go to the store and buy him food for 4.38 $, including VAT …”
“Hmmm … On the one hand, the dog is good-natured, loyal and keep the house. On the other, the cat is independent, requires less attention and is very graceful … Oh, I do not know. What would you choose? And are you sure? “


“Cat! Mysterious and unpredictable … What’s wrong with the cat?”


“Horse of course! And hopefully that it will have enough energy to withstand up to me!”


“Am I going to buy him food?”


“Hamster. I’ll take a cell with air conditioning, water supply and canalization … I’ll put small tunnel, which can pass out of the cell … Do not they sell such a cells? Simpletons! No, I will invent something much better then … “


“Fishes, of course. Even if I forget them for a week or two without food and they die, I can quickly replace them … if I don’t forget that too…”


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