Why You Suck At Relationships – According To Your Zodiac Sign

Why-You-Suck-At-Relationships-–-According-To-Your-Zodiac-Sign.jpgDo you suck at relationships? Is your partner a cheater? Do you keep falling for the same losers over and over again? With the aid of astrology, you can identify the pitfalls of dating each sign so that you can avoid getting cozy with signs that will rub you the wrong way. Here’s why each of the zodiac signs SUCK at relationships.



Aries have a hard time with monogamy simply because they have no impulse control. They’re always up for a challenge but sometimes that involves chasing the latest pretty thing that catches their eye.

They also possess explosive tempers and can be rather aggressive at times. If you don’t have nerves of steel then you may just find that dating an Aries is a bit of a handful.



Taurus are the Kings and Queens of stubbornness. We all know that healthy relationships require compromise but when a Taurus has their mind set on doing something a certain way – no middle ground exists.

They can morph into a pedantic nightmare on a wedding day and see themselves as the only perfect parent on the planet. The best technique to counteract their stubbornness is to plant an idea in their mind and allow them to believe they thought of it first!



Gemini likes to opt-in and out of relationships at a moments notice. It’s not that they are frightened of commitment – it’s just that they change their mind a lot.

They’re also capable of having three or four relationships on the go – at the same time. If you’re patient and willing to wait for exclusiveness – go for it – but just remember Gemini may wake up after 20 years of marriage and suddenly decide to join the circus.




Extreme Cancers are like Velcro – they’ll attach themselves to you 24/7 in a desperate attempt to feel constantly loved. You need to peel them off slowly and convince them that you don’t require a bodyguard to buy bread and milk from the local shop.

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If you like living out of someone’s pocket – Cancer is perfect – otherwise get ready to be tested and make sure you can account for all your movements.




Leo can be selfish and self-centered and like any lion worth their salt they prefer the chase to the catch. As a result, they can become disinterested and lazy once relationship status is achieved.

Being self-obsessed they also have poor listening skills so you will have to remind them of details and events over and over again. You need to keep them intrigued and retain some element of mystery which can be difficult if you’ve been with Leo for a long time.



Virgo can kill a relationship with their constant criticism. As perfectionists, they have impossible standards and will always be trying to transform a partner to meet those standards.

Sometimes you’ll wonder if there’s anything they actually like about you. Life with a Virgo can be pretty demoralizing unless you’ve got a really thick skin.




Libras can be such empathetic beings that they have trouble actually saying “no” to people. As a result, they can find themselves agreeing to things just to keep you happy – only to realize later on that it’s not what they wanted at all.

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They have trouble standing their ground when it comes to relationships and in turn, it can sometimes feel like you’re dating a doormat.



Happiness is not a natural state for many Scorpios. Dark moods and fits of melancholy can cover them like a second skin.

When crossed they adopt a sullen sulky demeanor which can last for days – even more frustrating – they won’t be able to tell you the cause. They’re passionate lovers with a lot to offer – but sometimes they can be HARD work.



Sagittarius brings to light, laughter and many adventures to a relationship –, particularly in the early stages. But what they’re not so good at is staying interested once it gets passed the honeymoon phase.

They can find themselves getting bored and toying with the idea of breaking up just for the hell of it. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with them then you’ll need to keep them interested!



Capricorns generally make for excellent, stable partners who pay attention to all aspects of a relationship. But sometimes they can micromanage a little bit too much which can quite tax for their significant other.

Scheduling sex for Tuesday between 9 pm to 9.30pm can rob the relationship of romance and spontaneity. Their partner may need to coax them away from their obsession with planning everything by reminding them to relax!



Aquarius can find romantic relationships to be superficial and commitment to be antiquated. They’re so fiercely independent that sometimes they’d rather walk over hot coals than “settle down”.

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To top it off – they can be annoyingly absent minded too – simply forgetting they’re in a relationship to wander off into the sunset. Best to give this sign an extraordinarily long leash or else you might scare them away.



Pisces can struggle with their sense of self-worth believing they aren’t deserving of their significant other. This can lead to them self-sabotaging the relationship in all kinds of ways – whether it be by cheating or suddenly breaking up out of nowhere.

Their behavior can sometimes be misread as shallow and self-centered but it really stems from their own insecurities. You may need to rescue and re-assure them a lot if you don’t want them to suddenly disappear.


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