Your Extended Love Horoscope For November- This Is A Powerful Time For Love!

Your Extended Love Horoscope For November- This Is A Powerful Time For Love!


Honesty is always the best policy Librans and this month with the planets largely in your 2nd house of self–esteem and self–worth, it will pay dividends to be as honest and transparent as possible.

With red hot passionate Mars charging through your sign and your solar first house of appearance this month, you will be far more interested in what is staring back at you when you look in the mirror – just watch out for being too vain. Single? That also means not judging any possible suitor or match by what he or she looks like – rather than judging them on their personality and sense of humour and values.

It’s officially the right time to air any grudges and or grievances you may have with your other half with Mars in your sign Librans. However, if the issues involve finances be extra careful that whatever you say, you say it with respect and with a well thought out comment. Don’t go on and on about finances – it’s not sexy!

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVESCOPE ADVICE – Mars in your sign is rather flummoxed as Mars is the planet of control and anger while your sign is the sign of mediation and pleasantries. As long as you keep things in perspective Librans, everything will be fine.





Mid–month loving Venus the planet of relationships will get together with expansive, excessive Jupiter in your sign. Single? You could have more than one admirer lining up for your attention or you might have your eye on more than one contender for the title of your next ‘love interest’. Neptune moving direct in Pisces, your romance zone towards the end of the month suggests that you will be lucky in love throughout the month.

Attached? November is an out of the ordinary romantic and sexy month for you – so if you’re not feeling it, change your way of thinking Scorpio. It’s all in the attitude. Instead of wishing your other half was more proactive with things, stop wishing and start suggesting – and even start by saying “let’s clean this car together” and make it into something fun and sexy!!

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVE ADVICE – Just because the planets are lining up for you likewise doesn’t mean you are necessarily feeling the love. Change the way you think about one or two things your partner does and it’s amazing how it will change the entire way you think about him or her.






Involved recently with someone rather scrumptious Sags? You may want to hide out from the world this month and keep this person to yourself before introducing him to the world at large. Lovely Venus in your privacy please zone along with the Sun and ruler Jupiter are 3 reasons why you might be feeling like some downtime/alone time – especially if you find someone to hide out with.

Attached? It’s a wonderful time to do all those things you have been wanting to do with your other half without having to have too much interference from friends, family, co–workers, etc. Maybe it’s time to concentrate on home renovations, having a baby or planning a big move, but one on one time is where it’s at this month.

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVE ADVICE – You’re one of the most social signs in the zodiac, if not the most social sign, however for the next month, you may not feel like being as social as usual. Stick to the people you love and enjoy the most – don’t spread yourself too thin.







A New Moon November 18 in your hopes, wishes and friendship zone makes for a wonderful time to meet new people this month. And they don’t necessarily have to be soulmate match ups either. They can simply be kindred spirits who inspire you to be a better person and through them, you singles could meet someone worth meeting. Pisces and Scorpios are both great match ups for you this month.

For partnered goats, this is a wonderful month, with Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and the New Moon all transiting your hopes and wishes zone. What are your hopes and wishes? Does your partner have any real idea? Maybe it’s time to let them in on them?

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVE ADVICE – Opening up to the people around you, letting new people into your life sphere and being easy going are all on your ‘to do’ list right now goats. Sometimes you are just way too serious you Saturn ruled lovelies!







Love is in the air at work, with Venus the lover coming together with expansive Jupiter mid–month in your 10th house of career. Mars the planet of passion is riding right alongside with them too, so it could be a case of falling head over heels with someone you work with. Never a good idea Aquarius. A huge no no! But you’re not one to be told or warned what not to do, are you? You’ll go right ahead anyway, won’t you?

If you’re in love, this is one of those times when you will be away from your other half more than usual due to work obligations. Make sure you check in with him or her and don’t leave them ‘hanging’ for attention from you. It’s amazing what a sweet text or three will do throughout the day Aquarius.

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVE ADVICE – Mixing work and flirting is never a good idea but everyone is guilty of it at some point in time. There’s a lot of stubborn energy around and being a stubborn sign means that you might fall victim to eyeing up someone in the office – whether you’re single or attached!







The lovely lady Venus will hold hands with expansive, excessive and la vida loca Jupiter mid–month in Scorpio, along with the Sun, all done up in your sexy water sign cousin too. All of your relationships are about to strengthen and deepen in more ways than you thought possible. Especially for those of you in love or falling in love this month.

Single? Scorpios are your ultimate match up this month, and you won’t be able to tear yourself away from one if you do happen to meet up ‘cute’. The New Moon November 18 makes it a particularly good time to meet someone new – Taurus and Virgos are also excellent matches.

Attached? This could just be the best love month for you Pisces – with a plethora of planets in sexy Scorpio, your philosophical and spiritual zone. If you do feel a certain higher level of love for your other half, let him or her know – by words and by actions.

YOUR NOVEMBER LOVE ADVICE – Enjoy this month– whether it’s holiday time for those of you in the US or the month before holiday time. It is a very special time for you indeed, so don’t sweat the small stuff Pisces.


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