Your Guide to a Conflict-Free Gemini Season


It’s Gemini season: This articulate, inquisitive solar cycle promises to be one of the most entertaining times of 2018.

After a month of industrious hustle and bullish determination, we can all lighten up! From now until June 21, it’s time to lift our noses from the grindstone and flirt and mingle like it’s a second job.

With the spirit of playful discovery in the air, we could fall into all kinds of life-changing activities before the summer solstice—new hobbies, spontaneous weekends at beach houses, a freshened-up friend group.

Of course, loose lips can sink ships if we get carried away. Here, ELLE’s resident astrologers, The AstroTwins, explain how to maneuver through the complexities of Gemini season…without getting permanently blocked from Twitter or hooking up with a friend’s ex.


Use your words!

With garrulous Gemini ruling the skies, we’ll all have a lot to say. This sign is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger. Besides sharpening everyone’s gift of gab, we’ll crave intellectually stimulating exchanges during Gemini’s tenure.

Breaking the ice will be much easier during this friendly phase, but don’t stick to superficial subject matter. Use this meandering cosmic influence to go there…and there and there and there. Convos could feel like a mind-map and think-tank rolled in one!


Treat conversations like dialogues, not monologues

Drop your devices and back away from that group thread! We’re no strangers to the controversy and confusion a Gemini-fueled Tweetstorm can sow.

Rather than starting a war of words from your smartphone, preserve some of the gracious lessons we learned during Taurus season. Sit down for a cup of coffee to talk—and, more importantly, to strengthen your communication skills with active listening. Did you really hear what they were trying to say?

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Twinning time is perfect for practicing the mirroring technique. Before spouting off a response, reflect people’s words back to them. For example, maybe they fling something at you like, “You never make time for me anymore!”

Don’t waste time getting defensive or explaining yourself. First, try something like, “If I’m hearing you right, you’re really feeling upset that we don’t get to spend enough time together.” This validating tactic can miraculously diffuse tension and bring back the love!


Scout out kindred spirits and socialize strategically

Pairing is caring when the zodiac’s Twins are on the throne—provided we partner up with the right people. Birds of a feather will flock together during Gemini season, and that can be eye-opening.

Pay attention to the people hovering near your nest. Reality is, they are a reflection of your current state of life. If, for example, you’ve been complaining about how much your friends complain, well…mirror, mirror?

This solar surge might be the perfect moment to level up to a new league and scout out people who will bring out your best self. Or, try changing the conversations happening in your crew.

Your friends might really appreciate the infusion of positive subject matter. Dynamic duos can really flourish between May 20 and June 21 so if you’ve found your missing puzzle piece, seal the deal with an official contract—and get your portmanteau trademarked!


If you can’t choose a side, stay out of it

Geminis gets a rep for double-talk—which is true for some Twins who might declare you “a great human being” one minute then be like, #idontknowher the next.

But for others, it might just be a matter of forgetfulness, overpromising or a legit ability to see every side of the matter. During this celestial season, all twelve zodiac signs would be wise to steer clear of tea-spillers, shit-talkers, and contrarian assholes.

For one thing, they could drive you to drink! For another, you don’t need your name associated with the trouble they cause. And if friends or family try to suck you into the middle of their personal conflicts, run for the hills!

You might start out playing peacekeeper only to have them both turn on you when you refuse to choose one side over the other.


Be a culture vulture

The best way to avoid a Gemini season disaster? Give yourself something to talk about besides the latest goss. Much juicier topics might include the artist line-up at Pitchfork, dissecting a subversive exhibit at a modern art gallery, or whether you prefer savory or fruity-floral notes at a rosé tasting.

In short, just fill your calendar with activities that are equal parts distracting and enriching. Since Gemini rules the hands, this is a great time for all of us to get crafty. Take a “weaving with pom-poms” workshop, make a container garden, learn how to solder gold.

Do you need a better way to get around town and enjoy the social butterfly groove? Gemini season is prime time for updating transportation, whether your ride is a hybrid SUV, an eco-friendly electric bike—or a new pair of summery statement sneakers for hoofing it on the shoe-leather express.

Sure, you might be racing away from a friend-turned-frenemy and zooming towards other folks in ways you could never have predicted. Just think of it as twinning with a twist!


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