Your October Love Horoscope – Difficult Times Ahead With Venus In Retrograde

Your-October-Love-Horoscope-–-Difficult-Times-Ahead-With-Venus-In-Retrograde.jpgMatters of the heart will require introspection for everyone this month, as well as some possible growing pains. Venus turns retrograde on October 5 and won’t turn direct until November 16.

She’ll retrograde in Scorpio until October 31 but then slides into Libra for her final retrograde stretch. Old romantic wounds might reopen for some but if this happens, the pain is for a purpose.

It’s time to purge and heal once and for all. For others, an old romantic connection might come back from the dead. Will you choose to breathe new life into this relationship? Has anything really changed?

A New Moon in Libra on October 8 points to a fresh start in partnership matters for many but since Venus, the ruler of this lunation, is now retrograde, it will require putting something from your past to rest. Love can be hauntingly beautiful this month for some … but it can just as easily be plain old haunting.



Oh, Aries … your love life is about to turn into a top-rated reality show. All the dirt, all the secrets, and yes, all the pain are about to be exposed in your romantic world. Even if you thought everything was going perfectly in your love life, this month will remind you that no relationship is untouchable.

Temptations happen, people lie, and mistakes are made. Now, don’t assume your happy marriage or committed partnership is automatically on the rocks in October. If you’re in a good place, then this most likely will be about you and your mate having to recalibrate joint finances.

With Venus moving retrograde in your 8th House of Shared Resources, it will actually be a good time to tackle the money matters you deal with as a team.

If, however, you’re going into October knowing that something is not quite right about your love life … well … there’s a different storyline unfolding. Venus Retrograde in your 8th house can bring a rather dark and ugly situation between you and your partner to light.

This might be something that happened ages ago, something you thought was dealt with. However, for whatever reason, it needs another look. Or, it might come back to haunt you. How you deal with the monsters in your love life closet this month is your choice, Aries.

If the love is there, you and your mate will have an opportunity for forgiveness and a fresh start. If the love has been too damaged by painful betrayal or toxic behavior, you might begin to realize it’s time to call it quits.



Oh boy, Taurus! You’re in quite a pickle this month. Your love life is certainly interesting, that is a given — but it’s also extremely complicated. There isn’t anything simple about it these days.

Between Venus turning retrograde in your partnership sector on October 5, a Full Moon in your sign on October 24, and all this being topped off with a Venus-Uranus opposition across your sign and your partnership sign Scorpio on October 31 … well, it’s a real soap opera!

On the one hand, you might be feeling very naughty this month, like you’ve been far too good for far too long and it’s time to “tap into your sexy” and get your desires met.

On the other hand, with your ruler turning retrograde, it’s unlikely you’ll succeed in getting things exactly the way you want. There’s a definite complication or scandal in the works here, Taurus … possibly both.

You might not be the one causing it, but you’ll certainly be caught up in it. Moments of passion might leave your judgment clouded.

An obsession you had for someone you thought you let go of might come back into your life, turning everything upside down. Just when you got into a healthy relationship, something — or someone — comes back into the picture to rock the boat.

The only way to get yourself out of this one successfully is to stand tall in your integrity. Forgive if you must, but do not seek revenge.

If you’re in a situation where feeding your desires will hurt another person, then you know it’s wrong. Take the high road. The sweet taste of love isn’t worth making someone else’s heart bleed.



If you’re single, a fascinating New Moon in your true love sector on October 8 might lead to you meeting someone with the potential to sweep you off your feet.

What’s even better is that this person is real relationship material. He or she doesn’t want to mess around. They want to get to know you and invest in you. So, what’s the catch?

Venus Retrograde.

Yes, the planet of love happens to begin a nap on October 5, right in the area of your chart connected to work, health, and routine. This does suggest that any new start in love will likely be filled with a delay or a complicated situation that needs to end before the two of you can have this genuine new beginning.

One possibility is that one or both of you is still tying up loose ends from a previous relationship. Another possibility is that you might meet the person of your dreams but he or she is connected to your work environment, which might invite a host of problems.

Or, it’s possible that you meet this person and then one of you lands their dream job — but it requires a move to another city or state.

The messy details at the start of this love affair don’t have to dictate a miserable ending, but it will require your patience to get love off the ground. If it’s worth it, you’ll find a way.


There is a real possibility for you to have a renewal of love with someone from your past. Venus will begin her retrograde motion on October 5 in your romance sector.

As this cycle begins, you’ll at the very least find yourself haunted by memories of a past lover. For many, this person will “come back from the dead” and reignite your heart with all those messy sparks.

There is something about this person and you together that is sexy, mysterious, and a little bit dangerous. It’s like when you are together you have the power to be explosive.

While this is a good thing between the sheets, this level of intensity often gives way to jealousy, possessiveness, or even manipulative behavior. You might have parted ways over one of you being too controlling over the other.

Another possibility is that the relationship itself was toxic in some way. It might have been an extramarital affair or third-party situation. You might have been addicted to each other in an unhealthy way.

Whatever your particular relationship storyline might have been, even though it probably ended badly, you never quite let go. This person has always haunted your heart. And now, he or she is back. What will you do?



You and your sweetheart might have been playing house together over these last few months. Perhaps the two of you recently bought a place together or one of you moved into the other’s apartment.

As Venus begins her retrograde phase in your 4th House of Home & Family on October 5, it’ll soon become clear that the honeymoon is over. The reality of living together and all its complications need to be addressed.

There might be control issues that crop up between you all of a sudden that you didn’t realize were there at the onset of your happy cohabitation.

What used to be cute behavior, like someone leaving toothpaste in the sink or drinking out of the milk carton, suddenly becomes abhorrent. In fact, you might find yourself on a battlefield right in your own home with each of you trying to dominate the other in order to make yourself feel more secure. This won’t work.

What will also blow up in your face is trying to control bedroom dynamics because of the way your partner is not satisfying your other security needs. At the root of the matter is a call to finally let yourself be naked with the person you’re living with: body and soul.

Letting each other see you in your ugliest, darkest moments at home is an adjustment, but it needs to happen so that you can move on to the phase of truly being at home with each other.



If you have been keeping a secret from your sweetie, or if you suspect he or she has been keeping one from you, things might get dicey this month. Venus turns retrograde in your communication sector on October 5.

She’ll retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, a sign known for the more possessive, controlling, and manipulative side of love when expressed in the shadow.

When Venus in Scorpio is at her highest vibration, she’s all about transformative, deep, and healing love. Unfortunately, since she’s retrograde, you’ll have to go through the dark side before you can get to her goodies.

There’s suspicion in your relationship, and even if it’s not warranted, it’s there. You and your partner have no choice now but to dive deep into the choppy waters of honest, vulnerable conversations if you hope to come out of this phase stronger.

Maybe the greatest lie has been the one you’ve been telling yourself. Maybe you’ve known for a while that something wasn’t quite right in this romance, but you just didn’t want to face it. Never fear, Venus retrograde is about to make you confront all of those lovelies.




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