These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Creative June & They’re Feeling Inspired

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Summer is basically here, which means your creative juices are flowing. The sun’s bright ever-burning fire is a symbol of creation, fertility, and passion. Of course, we already know that the fire signs are most prone to artistic expression, but these three zodiac signs will have the most creative June: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. By no means am I disregarding the creative potential of the other elements (earth, fire, and water), because they each bring a unique gift to the coming month, but it’s going to be an especially hot one this June for those three signs. The air signs are tapping into their creativity more than ever this month, and the same goes for those with personal planets in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.

Where are the air signs I mentioned above located via your birth chart? This is where you will be greeted with an effervescent burst of confidence this month. For instance, let’s just say, Gemini governs your third house of communication and immediate network. This means you’ll be feeling more confident in your approach and perhaps even come across more assertive than usual. Same goes for Libra and Aquarius, though how this manifests depends on which of the astrological houses they each reside in. If you have an Aquarius ascendant, you’ll notice the energetic shift in your charismatic first impressions and stellar choice of wardrobe.

The astrological element air is a symbol of communication and versatility, so the celestial combination of air and fire is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let this go to waste, as there is an ocean of emotion waiting for you on the other side of Gemini season.

Now, here’s what’s in store for the air sign fam this month:

Gemini: You’re Feeling Confident and Assertive

Strike a pose, Gemini. This is your solar revolution, and you are thriving. With the sun, Mercury, and Venus huddled over your sign this month, you’re likely craving mentally-stimulating experiences and a whole lot of variety. What else new? I’m kidding.

Venus is caramelizing your exchanges, and you’ll be as charming as ever. But the goddess of love is naturally artistic, too. So don’t your dare let her aesthetically-pleasing touch go to waste.

Libra: You’re in The Risk-Taking Mood

Dare to go where no one’s gone before, Libra? With the sun, Venus, and Mercury hovering over your expansive ninth house of adventure, education, and personal philosophy, you’re likely craving artistic freedom, and your desires are as exotic as ever. Change is on the horizon, and you’re ready to use your charm to get what you desire. Thinking about taking an art class at the community college? The time is now, Libra. Let this freedom-loving energy be your muse.

Aquarius: You’re Falling in Love and Feeling Inspired

Dazzle them with your ideas, Aquarius. The sun, Mercury, and Venus are dancing through your fifth house, aka the most artistic of the astrological houses, and you’re likely as flamboyant as ever. So many things you want to do, and so little time? Don’t hesitate to hog the spotlight, as this is your moment of stardom. Just so you know, this creative energy can also serve as a muse for your romantic affairs and sex life, given that this area of your chart is all about love. Who knows, you might just fall for a fellow artist or creator during this time. This is a fire house, after all, and your fire is lit… in every sense of the word.


This was originally published by Elite Daily.


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