How To Choose Your Stones And Crystals

How-To-Choose-Your-Stones-And-Crystals.jpgChoosing the right Quantum Stone is easy for some – they instantly fall in love with a design or a stone visually or they may feel its resonance from afar.

A few know exactly what healing crystal they need to assist them on their journey. Others come across these healing tools with no idea what they need, so this guide explains several ways that you can choose the ideal pendant according to your goals.


Color Theory and Chakra Correlations

You may desire to choose a stone combination according to their properties and colors that activate specific chakra energy centers or those believed to aid in healing specific ailments and affect mood. Here’s a mini-breakdown of how Isaac Newton’s color theory can assist in your selection.

RED: Activates the Base Chakra/Sex Center – Controls your life force and assists with grounding and centering.

Red crystals and stones like jasper and garnet can help control impulsivity and emotions while invoking feelings of courage, security, and passion.

Red is also a power color and one of good fortune. Black and greyish stones such as hematite and obsidian also work well with the Base Chakra. Its polarity color is light blue and includes stones like blue topaz and turquoise.

ORANGE: Activates the Sacral Chakra/Survival Center – Located at the navel, this center is the source of survival instinct energy and additionally controls creative expression, social tendencies, and joy.

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Orange stones like carnelian or agate can help one overcome guilt, grief, and repression while fostering one’s motivation, optimism, and desire for physical love.

Its polarity color is blue and includes stones such as lapis lazuli.

YELLOW: Activates the Solar Plexus Chakra/ Motivation Center – This energy center is responsible for the actions and health of the spleen, liver, and adrenal glands and becomes active when one is motivated and stagnant when one is not.

Beyond motivation, yellow stones such as tiger eye, citrine, and amber are relished for their ability to improve physical health, mental alertness, cheerfulness, intelligence, and spiritual growth. The polarity color is indigo and includes stones such as amethyst.

GREEN: Activates the Heart Chakra/Heart Center – The body’s most powerful chakra and influences passion, love, and depression.

As a color of nature and prosperity, stones such as green aventurine, jade, or emeralds are ideal for radiating more loving energy and stabilizing emotions and anxieties.

Using a polarity color of light reds, such as rose quartz can serve as a prolific asset in soothing and healing woes of the mind, body, and spirit.

BLUE: Activates the Throat Chakra/Communication Center – Where you find your truth, this energy center becomes blocked when you are dishonest and wearing a blue stone such as lapis lazuli or blue topaz can help activate and balance the throat chakra.

Activating and clearing this center can free one from feeling bound to situations, help them find peace and inspiration, and can improve their spiritual and psychic awareness. Its polarity color is orange stones such as carnelian.

VIOLET: Activates the Third Eye or Crown Chakra/Vision Center – This energy center activates ones intuition, sense of harmony, connection with the higher self, and abilities to receive and retrieve universal information.

The third eye is where one experiences visions that can signify needs and changes in any of the other chakras.

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Violet stones such as amethyst and fluorite can help one better establish their connection to cosmic knowledge and help them manifest and take action on their blueprints for reality. Its polarity color is green stones like aventurine.

CLEAR: Activates the Crown Chakra/Universal Connection Center – Stones such as clear quartz crystal, moonstone, and Herkimer diamonds can assist one in experiencing higher states of cosmic consciousness and connect with their highest energetic potential while balancing all chakras to release and purify major blockages.

The polarity color is violet and includes stones such as amethyst, sugilite, and fluorite.

If you want to heal or keep more of a color’s energetic properties, choose a polarity color. If you want to radiate off more of energies related to a hue, wear that color stone.


Choosing Crystals by Numerical Frequency

Each stone and crystal possesses metaphysical healing properties and they also have specific numerical vibrations.

So, if you are looking to heal or elevate specific aspects of the mind/body/spirit or have been guided by a numerologist or spiritual advisor of particular frequencies that may aid you in your journey – choose a stone appropriately.



The Vibrational Resonance of Our Most Popular Stones &


CARNELIAN: 5 and 6


Choosing Your Stone by Vibrational Resonance

You might desire to select a stone that complements your personality type or one that draws you more into a polar vibrational resonance to your own.

For example, an athlete or student may choose a strong, high-vibrational stone to enhance their performance while a high-strung person may seek a calming stone.

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However, extremely sensitive personality types often do not resonate well with extremely strong stones like red jasper.



Rose Quartz – soft vibrations, soothing and healing
Lapis Lazuli – high vibrations, aids those seeking contact w/ higher realms
Green Aventurine – medium vibrational stone of the heart chakra
Amethyst – medium vibrations, aids the higher chakras
Clear Quartz – medium to high vibrations, a master stone that users can program



Obsidian – high vibrational stone, excellent for grounding and shielding
Red Jasper – extremely high vibrations, enhances energy from the base chakra
Tiger Eye – medium-high vibrational stone, soothing and grounding

As you can see, there are a wealth of powerful healing possibilities with our line of LightShield™ infused pendants. We offer a variety of stone and crystal combinations and also take custom orders to assist you in maximizing your mind/body/spirit healing experience.


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