How To Clear, Activate & Store Your Crystals


I believe healing stones are a great addition to any self-care regimen. I’ve used gemstones to make healing elixirs, for protection and as part of abundance rituals or healing sessions.

Although many have difficulty fully comprehending the power of a pea-sized rock, I’m here to tell you that they really work! It’s true gemstones have the ability to assist you in several ways (with finding love, manifesting money, eliminating anxiety) but you have to tell them exactly what to do.

After a gemstone has picked me, I perform a three step process to ensure that my new jewel is working on behalf of my greatest good. First, I clear it. Second, I program it and lastly, I store it in a safe place.

Below, I’ve outlined three simple, cost effective ways to clear and energize your gemstones:

Clearing your stone

Cleaning and clearing your crystals is very important. Depending on where you purchased the stone from, there may have been several people handling the stone, thus subjecting the stone to multiple energies, good or bad. Here are a few ways to do this:

Use sea salt.

Sea salt and water are great way to rid your stone of unwanted harmful energies. If the stone is not brittle, using sea salt will not harm the stone. When using this method, I leave the stone in the water overnight. If your stone crumbles easily I will explain the best way to clean it later in the article.

You can add sage, basil or lavender to the water to enhance the cleansing affect.

Use running water.

Holding the stone under running is also a very effective way of cleansing your stone. As you do so, put intention in the stone by asking the Universe to remove all negativity. I usually imagine a ray of white light around the stone cleaning and filling it with wisdom.

Use other stones.

Stones like Carnelian and Clear Quartz clean other stones. It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is add them to the bag where you store your stones.

Try smudging.

I use sage for many reasons in my home. Mostly, I use it when I need to clear out old stagnant energy in my home. You can also use sage to clear your healing stones. While smudging your stones, it’s important to put intention in to them. Asking for protection or dedicating love to them is the best medicine.

Use a crystal cleanser.

Although, I believe the best way to clean crystals is the organic way, in some instances the stone may be fragile. I believe crystal cleansers work better with brittle stones (mainly because the stones aren’t being submerged in water, which can ultimately dissolve the stone). Usually, using a couple of drops does the trick.

Programming your gemstone

Crystals need to be dedicated to the purpose you’re using them for. It’s best to program your crystal directly after you’ve cleaned and cleared it. This gives you the advantage of better connecting with the crystals.

I’ve seen people program their crystals in many ways. However, I find the best way to connect with your crystal is by affirming your intention or praying over them. Using these methods infuses the crystal with pure intention and connects the crystal with your spiritual guides.

Hold the crystal in your hands (your left side is best because it’s your receiving side).

Stand in pure light (outside or inside).

Then, say aloud:

I dedicate this crystal to the highest good. I ask that it be used in love and light.

To program the crystal for a specific use, hold the crystal in your left hand. Focus on the intended use of the crystal (healing a specific dis-ease, protection or love).

Once you’ve ensured the crystal’s purpose, finish the process by saying:

I dedicate this crystal for the (your purpose).

I also wear my stones on me for seven days to further connect with them. Personally, I find this is the best way to energize my stones. If you decide to take this route, wear your stone on the left-side of your body, close to your heart and on your skin.

Storing your stone

Most crystals are fragile, so tender love and care is essential to your crystals’ longevity. Some gemstones fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. When you’re not using your crystals, place them in a pouch or wrap them in a silk scarf to keep them safe.


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