“Glitch in the Matrix”: 5 Experiences That Suggest Reality Isn’t Real

"Glitch in the Matrix": 5 Experiences That Suggest Reality Isn't Real

Did you know there is a type of psychic-ish phenomena people call a “glitch?”

Kind of similar to a déjà vu, or a premonition, or precognition, a glitch is where a person perceives something that breaks the laws of physics and reality, seeing perhaps the same person in a crowd walk by twice in exactly the same way moments after each other, a man checking out groceries the exact same way twice on the same day with no recollection of being there before, things that happen twice or break the laws of reality.

Think of it what you will, if the stories are true it’s evidence of something.

I discovered several stories of people recalling their glitches online, even an entire subreddit called “Glitch in the Matrix.”

Glitch in the Matrix

Researching precognition and trying to understand why people have dreamt scenes in their lives that exactly came true later, I stumbled upon this concept and realized it might have happened to me when I was 11.

When I was 11, my family and I were moving out of a house and I saw my dad walk to his car, open the door and get inside. I was standing by a tree in the front yard, at a distance to where I couldn’t see his face inside the car, but I clearly saw him exit the house and get in the car.

Then I walked over to the car wondering why he wasn’t leaving, and he wasn’t there. It really freaked me out.

Then a few months later I was in school, and I saw a girl with blonde hair and a green backpack walk past me down a long hallway.

Within less than a minute while I was walking down the hallway, the exact same girl walked past again the same way. I’m positive I saw her twice, walking all the way past me. I wondered if I was going crazy at the time, and never found an answer until a few days ago when I found this phenomena of “glitches.”

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But my story isn’t nearly as interesting as these:

According to Reddit user blackcat104 in a post titled “Not sure what happened to me today at work…”:

“So to start things off, I love reading this reddit. It is one of my favorites. I’ve never experienced a glitch or anything before personally so I don’t know if what happened to me today was anything at all or I’m just losing it. I’m a cashier, to help get through college and all that. Very boring job. But I usually work at the express (7 items or fewer) lane at my store. I work nights a lot too. The other day around 7pm, it was kinda slow and I was only getting customers about once every ten minutes. A man about 40 and his two kids came through the line and bought frozen pizza, ice cream, beer and a few other household things. I had a casual conversation, checked his ID for alcohol (it’s store policy to ID everyone) and he left. Another five or so minutes go by and I see the man coming in my line again. I asked if he had forgotten something and he looked confused and said “What are you talking about?” I looked at his items and they were the exact same as before. He was with the same two kids and everything. I just stood there confused and asked if he had just been in. He said no and I laughed uncomfortably and said it must have been someone who looked just like him but I know it was the same man as before. I even had to check his ID again and it was the same man. It was crazy. I asked the girl next to me if she saw him twice and she said she wasn’t really paying attention but she thought he only came through my line once. The whole situation was very odd.

What do you guys think?”


According to Reddit user smol-bean-dean in a post titled “My Reflection Glitched”:

“The scariest thing that happened to me was last year. I’m still scared to look in the mirror some times. I looked in the mirror and was doing my make up and I blinked and my reflection blinked right after me. I saw my reflection blink. It wasn’t when I blinked, it blinked after I did.”


According to Reddit user ogmarker in a post titled “So, this happened yesterday and this seems like the appropriate place to post it.”:

“I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep after I got home and forgot lol.

So, I wake up at 5:00am yesterday for work. Head out the house at around 5:30am. As you can imagine, there’s hardly anyone on the street. So I’m about halfway to work when I catch a red light. A little ahead of me there’s a guy on a moped. It looks like he’s going to stop at the light, but then he makes a right.

So now, I’m the only one at the light. No one behind or next to me. I look in the rear view mirror, no one for at least 200 feet in back of me. The light turns green. I accelerate and happen to look in my rear view mirror again as I pass the intersection. What I see next….

The guy on the mo-ped making a right at the intersection. The same thing that I saw 12-18 seconds before, happening again. It was insane. My windows aren’t tinted so I’m always super aware of people pulling up next to me. I’m still not sure what to make of that. There was no one next to me or near me when the light turned green.

Maybe this isn’t a “glitch” but I thought u guys might appreciate the story”


According to Reddit user iamaghost:

“Thank you fellow anonymous Redditors.. I’ll get right to it.

Last night I woke up 2 different times. Both times were due to this really loud odd sounding tone. Just like beeep.. the second time was from a second beeeep with different tones to it but interchanging. These two sounds woke me up because ( this is where I sound totally crazy ) they were not coming from an outside source.. I woke up and recognized wow that was from inside my head..

Not too weird right? I just put it to me being really tired. Didn’t think much of it. Until my husband called me on his lunch like he does everyday and said wow what is that sound?! I couldn’t hear anything but he said it sounded exactly like one of those 2 way radios going in and out. It only happened once.

That made me me remember last night and that is exactly the noise I heard but it was coming from inside my head.?!

I have no clue on this. I know for a fact I don’t have any metal plates in my head. Maybe it was just coming from my phone which is on my bedside table I guess?

Now after I get off the phone with my husband earlier this afternoon I’m pondering this and thinking well that’s pretty odd. I’m standing there doing dishes just thinking and looking out the kitchen window. A white van dives by.. the only reason I noticed this is because the driver looked like he was picking his nose.. which made me kinda laugh. I kid you not no more than 3 min later the same van and driver go by doing the same thing?!”


According to Reddit user Tea Orchid’s post:

“This seemed like a good place to tell this story. Perhaps someone has had a similar experience.

This happened to me last December. My fiance, baby, four year old and I were staying with my parents for a few months waiting on an apartment to be finished and ready for us to move in. We were there about five months.

The room the four of us shared was downstairs, directly below a bathroom and my parents room. The bed we slept in faced a wall of big floor-to-ceiling shelves that my dad had built into the wall.

One morning I was having a hard time waking up, blearily struggling to open my eyes as I could feel the bright winter sun on my face. I cracked my eyes a little and blurily saw the shelves across the room, as usual. Suddenly, the entire wall of shelves shifted, sharply moving to the left a couple feet, and then back, so suddenly that my brain immediately thought, “Thats funny. I must still be sleeping. I totally thought I was awake.” I closed my eyes again for a few moments and then opened them quickly. The same series of tall white shelves faced me, and again, so swiftly and unexpectedly, the entire thing slid to the left and then back again, like that bar thing on a typewriter. Very mechanical. By now I knew I was awake. I was the only one in the room besides the sleeping newborn, who never woke for this.

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I left the room confused, telling myself it was some sort of wierd leftover dream state hallucination. Later that morning over coffee, my mom stared out the window and remarked quietly, “My bed was shaking this morning. It was so wierd.”

I was intrigued and asked her to explain. She set down her cup and told me how she woke up earlier in the morning and saw the sun coming in through the window, and as she was just waking, her bed felt like it moved suddenly to the left, and then back. She sat up, startled and quite awake, but it didn’t do it again. I hadn’t thought twice about my experience or her saying her bed shook, not until she described the way it shook, the particular shifting motion, just once and quite abruptly. As it someone slid it over and then back quickly. In a room located directly above the wall of shelves in my room. With the occurrences happening about the same time.

I told her my own story then of that morning, and her eyes widened at my description of how the wall moved. We agreed it was bizarre and, with nothing to do, simply left it at that. I have never experienced anything like it since.”

Some suggest “glitches” are evidence of this reality being some kind of computer simulation, or that we are alive in another existence and simply dreaming this one while primarily existing there. Several theories arise organically in people after experiencing this type of thing: it seems every person’s guess is as good as the next.

Think of this what you will, in any case it’s something that definitely raises some questions about the nature of time and reality.


Source: themindunleashed.com


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