The Most Precise 4-Question Personality Test


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was created during World War II to help women get jobs and replace the men who had left to fight.

After answering several questions, they got a short report, according to which they could find the most effective work.

Some Western companies still use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator when selecting candidates for their vacancies.


1. You are totally exhausted because your week was endless and less than great. How are you going to spend your weekend?

I’ll call my friends to ask about their plans. I heard that a new restaurant opened / a nice comedy is playing in the cinemas / there are big discounts at the paintball club.

We should all go out together. E

I’ll switch on the “Don’t disturb” mode on my phone and stay at home.

I’ll watch a new episode of my favorite TV show, do a puzzle, and take a long bath with a book. I


2. Which of these 2 descriptions suits you more?

The most important thing for me is what’s happening here and now.

I assess real situations and pay attention to details. S

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Facts are boring. I love to dream and play over upcoming events in my mind.

I rely more on intuition than information. N


3. A competitor of your current employer is trying to entice you.

You have doubts because the salary is much higher there, but the staff here is great.

Moreover, the head of your department hinted that he will recommend you to the bosses when he retires. How are you going to make a decision?

I’ll learn all the available information about the competitor, ask my HR manager for advice, and draw a chart with all the pros and cons.

In such cases, it’s important to weigh up all the arguments and assess the situation with a cold mind. T

I’ll listen to my feelings. I always try to follow my heart. F



4. Only 2 weeks are left before your close friends’ wedding. How are the preparations going?

One month ago, I chose the saxophonist who will play a medley of our school songs / collected the couple’s photo love story / composed a poem / pressed my suit / made appointments with the stylist and makeup master.

I prefer to be fully armed. J

Why prepare? I’ll be having fun and enjoying myself at the party. I’ll improvise my wedding speech.

The best things happen spontaneously. P


And now you can find your personality type according to Myers-Briggs!

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