How sensitive is your OCD radar?

How-sensitive-is-your-OCD-radar.pngSpot the odd one out which tingles your OCD.

 Some people are highly sensitive to even the minutest changes and their OCD can get triggered by the smallest things.

They are highly detail-oriented and are good at catching the small elements. Go through these 12 images and count the number of your correct answers, the results are given below.



The third image is smaller.


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The shape is not circular.


The third image is smaller


The second image is not aligned as the first and third are.


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The third image is thinner.


The second image is smaller.


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The positioning of the third image is different.


The central circle is bigger.



The slanted line in the first image is in line with the bottom of the 4 vertical lines.


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The third image is slightly tilted towards the right.


The third image is exactly in the center.



The central circle is larger in the third image.


Answer range:

1) If you got 9-12 right: You are extremely sensitive to even the minutest things are are really high on OCD measure.

2) If you got 5-8 right: You don’t have OCD but you are still alert to minute changes.

3) If you got less than 4 right: You don’t care about the trivial issues as long as the big picture makes sense.




Source: meaww


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