20 Thoughts, That Will Make You Smile to The Life

20 Thoughts, That Will Make You Smile to The Life

20 Thoughts, That Will Make You Smile to The Life

1. It is most difficult to answer the question to which the answer is obvious. Bernard Shaw

2. The events of life convince, where the words are powerless. Agni yoga

3. Every man dies but not every man really lives

4. Do not reduce the importance of what you do not know. Agni Yoga

5. The wise man learns to be able, the clever – to know. Only the fool knows everything.

6. To learn – means to change. The line of enlightenment is The middle way – the line between the opposite extremes. Buddha

7. He, who overcomes the others is strong; the one, who overcomes himself is mighty. Lao Tzu

8. True and meaningful is what is applicable to the man and to all mankind. Law Kurosawa

9. Do not go after anyone just Go on by yourself. Buddha

10. The thought  make the things. Shakespeare

11. Only the experienced things are truly understood.

12. Freedom is the absolute absence of fear.

13. Poor is not the one who has little, but the one who wants to have more. Seneca

14. The more you learn about yourself, the less you despise the others. Noddy

15. From the same flower the snake makes  venom and the bee – honey. Armenian proverb

16.If the paradise is not in yourself,  you will never enter into it. Silezius

17. True faith means love for all that is alive. Cordovan

18. Stop the evil while there is no, hold the disease before it appears. Lao Tzu

19. Adversity is the touchstone for the character. Balzac

20. One sees as much as he knows. Goethe



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