Highly Intelligent People Are A Bunch Of Messy, Cursing Night Owls

messy room
Hell yeah we are!
For the first time in the history of forever, our moms were wrong.
Growing up I’m sure we’ve all had shared experiences about being demanded to clean our rooms, getting yelled out for muttering “shit” under our breath and forced into bed at 9 p.m. Collectively our parents told us that these things were bad, and we had to learn not to do them.
Well a few recent studies determined that those hour-long lectures were kinda full of shit.
Science has finally given us something to take back to our parents that isn’t a C on a report card. Recent studies have shown that people who swear a lot, stay up late and have messy desks are actually more intelligent than most (a.k.a you do-gooders with tidy rooms and clean mouths who never missed curfew).
So if you were always accidentally dropping the f-bomb in front of mom and dad, it’s not because you’re the cool rebel you thought you were. A study last year found that people who swear actually have a greater vocabulary then people who don’t, AND tend to be more confident. Fuck yeah.
Messy rooms that were once a sign of a disorganized and unproductive life, may be seen as a sign of intelligence. A few years ago, researchers found that people who worked at a messy desk generated more interesting and creative ideas and a willingness to break out of unconventional norms.
So next time someone tells you to clean up, politely remind that them that the week-old bag of Doritos on your desk is necessary for your creative brain.
And finally, scientific tests proved that night owls showed the kind of smarts that lead to prestigious job titles and higher incomes. In other words, things you can brag about at your next high school reunion when everyone remembers you as the kid who was always sleeping in second period.
So if your mom is STILL trying to give you shit for just being the badass, foul-mouthed, messy, late-night babe you are, then it might be time to send her back to science class. You have every right to feel confident for being just who you are.


Source – Yourtango.com
Written by Emily Blackwood


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