Mars Is In Cancer Right Now So Here’s What That Means For Your Life & Relationships, According To Astrology

mars in cancer

When Mars enters Cancer, learn what it means for you!

Wondering what Mars in Cancer means for you? Each zodiac sign should be familiar with their horoscope and astrology chart if they want to make the best of this transit.

In astrology, when the masculine and powerful planet of Mars enters the sensitive and maternal sign of Cancer, it never feels welcome.

That is the sign where Mars is not able to exert too much of its power in Cancer.

Mars in Cancer will last until July 1st so you will want to make the best of it, based on your horoscope, zodiac sign, and astrology chart.

What does this transit mean for your life, family, and relationships?

You will find that your emotions are strong and powerful to the point that it may not be all that rational. On the flip side, however, this will boost your imagination and if you are a writer or if you are in the arts of any kind, this will give you the boost that you need!

Having an intense imagination is good for problem-solving so you can think outside of the box. Additionally, you’ll be urged to protect your home and focus more on your family at this time.

With that said, this transit is not all that bad. It is just difficult for Mars since it is in a sign that is not all that welcoming.

On a personal level, you will only know by finding out how it impacts your life, based on the house in your horoscopes and zodiac signs where it is transiting.

First House

When Mars is transiting in this house, this is a good thing because you will find yourself more assertive than usual, and will be able to fight back more easily. But, with your rising sign being Cancer or if Cancer is intercepted, then you will not find that Mars’ effect is too potent.

However, if Mars was transiting in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn where it is exalted, or even in a neutral sign, you would be far more combative.

Second House

When Mars is transiting this house, you will find that you’ll have more powerful ways to make money. You may get a side job or an opportunity for that to happen. You may also find yourself more possessive of your belongings when Mars is going through this house.

Third House

When Mars is in the third house, you will have more ideas than what you will know to do with, and as a result, even though these ideas would be good, they would be scattered.

You will also find yourself busier in general, but you will have a more powerful and assertive way of communicating.

Fourth House

When Mars enters the fourth house, you will find that domestic activities and projects come up such as needing to repair something in the home. Or you will have the urge to renovate your home.

Either way, you are going to be focusing a lot of work on upgrading your home right now.

Fifth House

When Mars enters this home, you are going to be more active in your leisure activities and hobbies, and will even spice up the romance as well.

This will cause you to be more passionate where romance is concerned. And, since this house also involves kids, you will be getting involved in activities that have to do with your kids. Be careful not to get into bad habits such as gambling!

Sixth House

Mars in this house is powerful because you will find that you have more energy for work and you will have more energy to workout.

You may end up finding that your workload is increased as well but you’ll have the energy to handle it.

Seventh House

Mars in the seventh house will give you an opportunity to work on relationship issues.

Arguments will likely happen but you will also find ways to work through it.

Eighth House

This is the house of intimacy so don’t be surprised if you are rocking it in the bedroom with your significant other right now.

However, in some cases, it is not all fun and games as Mars in the eighth house can also cause some type of crises to occur or cause an ending of some sort.

Ninth House

When Mars transits in this house, you are going to have boundless amounts of energy to travel or become more adventurous in general.

Even if you are not physically traveling, you will have the urge to try out new things such as learning a new language or even trying a new type of cuisine. This one will bring you out of the comfort zone.

Tenth House

Mars transiting through the tenth house will create ambition and you will have the urge to become recognized for what you have accomplished.

This means you will definitely be encouraged to get yourself out there and known.

Eleventh House

When Mars is in the eleventh house, you will want to take advantage of this transit. That is because the best way to achieve your goals right now is by working in groups to go after what you want.

You will need to work as a team or start networking because you have the potential to meet someone who will help make your wishes come true.

Twelfth House

Mars is going to be quiet in this house on top of being in Cancer, and you will not be active right now. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on what you want in life, your goals, and anything else that is on your mind.

You may be just sitting back and observing, or putting your energy into private matters. Either way, the energy from Mars in this house is hidden but not silent.

This is what the various astrological signs should expect over the next 6 weeks or so with this Mars transit.

That means on top of how you will be effected on a personal basis based on where Mars is transiting in your chart, you’ll at least know why your emotions are at it’s high right now.

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This was written by Miriam Slozberg  for YourTango.

Miriam Slozberg is a Canadian author, freelance writer, social media consultant, and a mom to three children, two human and one furry. She focuses on astrology, birth charts, and zodiac signs. 


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