What Type Of Energetic Empath Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Virgo: Flora Empath

Amongst all Types of Empaths, you are the one who can literally affect or be affected by flowers, plants and trees around you. It is no secret that all astrologers advice Virgo to plant healing herbs in their houses.

Lavender, Mint and Rosemary are Virgo’s best friends and generally all Botanics are somehow close to your psyche. When you learn to attune with the forces of Trees you can become unstoppable.




Libra: Emotionally Receptive Empath

Have you even wondered why Libra is genuinely indecisive? Libra can actually feel emotions of nearby people which ultimately affects their judgement.

Their mood swings are caused by this amazing ability. When they learn to tell the difference between the emotions which belong to them and the ones which does not, they can become extremely powerful.




Scorpio: Medium Empath

You already knew that don’t you. From all the types of Empaths it’s you who can naturally sense the spirits and other invisible entities around you. It’s no wonder why Scorpio is considered the best conjurer.

Moreover, you can effect them by become a beacon of light for them. Furthermore, you are able to get valuable information from the spirits. They key for this amazing ability is to feel safe and secure.




Sagittarius: Enlightened Empath

Always looking for what is the meaning behind life, Sagittarius has an amazing ability to empathically sense the truth inside of us. Don’t lie to Sagittarius.

They value honesty and straight-forwardness. Moreover, they can instantly turn their backs to one who has betrayed their trust long before the truth comes out. They are able to travel the World to get taught by teachers who speak of the truth of the World.




Capricorn: Geomantic Empath

We are parts of Earth and as their children, some of us, have an amazing ability to ‘sense’ what’s troubling mother nature. Moreover, Capricorn has a unique skill, to sense the geomantic waves which flow underneath. Thus, Geomantic Empaths, can instinctively sense what’s wrong or right with a place, instantly liking it or not.

Their ability, if developed properly, can give amazing and fruitful results. Capricorns, can act as natural feng shui detectors, sensing the energies around their place of living and of course working!




Aquarius: Gaia Empath

Aquarius is born to connect with everything and everyone around them. Thus making them instantly very powerful empaths. For what is worth, Aquarius should be name the Gaia Empath. Why? Because they can sense if Gaia – our Mother Earth – is full of energy or sick.

Aquarius not only can feel emotions of nearby people, but they can sense feelings of whole regions if not continents. Furthermore, this Cyber-empath skill, is a unique ability they can grow further into deliberately scanning countries and regions for feelings.




Pisces: Astral Empath

Amongst all types of Empaths, these guys have the unique ability to sense what is going on in different planes. Moreover, Pisces can easily sense (and later, if developed properly interact with) the ‘Astral Plane’.

Why is that important? Because they can actually feel emotions before even others realize they have. In the Astral Plane, things exist prior our Material Plane. Sensing the Astral Plane can help Pisces avoid toxic people.



Source : magicalrecipesonline


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