When You Meet The One You Are Meant To Be With, This Is How You’ll Know

When-You-Meet-The-One-You-Are-Meant-To-Be-With-This-Is-How-You’ll-Know-1.jpgI read it somewhere that if you meet a man who makes your heart beat faster and you feel giddy and excited when you hold his hand, be sure to know that he isn’t the one. If you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel safe and secure, hold on to him.

I know the internet is full of these rather absurd articles and videos that help you find out if “the person you are dating is the one for you”.

But that’s just not possible. When you find the one who’s meant to be with you, you’ll know. And the best part about finding these people is that there is no fixed time for their arrival.

They don’t come after an alarm. You’ll meet them only at the time that destiny has decided for you. They will find you at your lowest and help you turn your life into a beautiful piece of art. They will love you for all your dark truths and never make you feel bad for where you come from.


Most importantly, they will help you grow.

They will just enter your life in a minor situation. Maybe through a friend or a meeting or any other way and they will become a huge part of your life.

Now just to let you know, wind won’t blow when you meet them and neither will the moon become big. However, when you do meet them first, your heart will feel the sort of peace it had never felt before.

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When you find someone who is meant for you, you’ll know because they will love all the broken things about you and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Falling for them won’t feel like falling at all. It’s going to feel like as if you walked into the arms of a person and suddenly feel that you’re home.

The sad part is, in spite of feeling the spark you will hold back due to all the heartbreaks you have experienced in the past. And it’s only valid for you to over-think because you don’t want to feel that sort of pain again.

But trust me, if they are for you, there is nothing that can keep you two apart. Just don’t silence your intuitions. That’s the worst thing to you can do to yourself.  Don’t rush it.

Calm down and give it time. It’s only understandable if they two have faced betrayals before they found you. The thing about us humans is that we always think that our pain is exclusive when in reality it isn’t. So meet them halfway and have the courage to feel again.


The right person will silence your demons and will stick through thick and thin.

They will not judge you for being vulnerable. Everything that you hated about yourself is what they will treasure about you. They will be more than a relationship. They’ll be your lifestyle.

The first person you go to when something good happens. They’ll be the one you run to when the world around you is trying to deprive you of your energy. Everything you ever lost will come back to you in the form of them. 

It’s not necessary that they will be around you all the time. But even in their absence, you will still feel their presence and aura around yourself.

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They’ll fill you with the sort of love you’d been craving for all along and you’ll have a little part of them in you. That’s what true love does.


You might not have come across your ‘person’ but when the right time comes, you will.

So please know that everyone in this world is blessed with love.  It’s a big world and it’s never going to be too late to love. So believe in the universe and let love find you.


Source: themindsjournal



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