Your Level Of Intelligence May Be The Reason You Can’t Find Love

Your-Level-Of-Intelligence-May-Be-The-Reason-You-Can’t-Find-Love.jpgBeing single doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. In fact, being single can be fun, but only if you know how to make the best of the situation. You don’t have anyone to slow you down; you don’t even have anyone to tell you what and when to do things.

While you are single, you will have all the time in the world to learn more about your self. Being single and being lonely are not synonymous. In actuality, someone who is involved in a relationship can be lonelier than people who are single.

Being single means you have time to understand your own inner thoughts. It means you have time to think about who is perfect for you.

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If you are single, it means you are not rushing into a relationship. It means you are looking for the perfect match. When you are waiting for your better half, you can be single for a very long time.

You may go on frequent dates and not be able to find someone for you. You may even get the feeling that someone more special is bound to come into your life.

Intelligence is one of the things preventing you from settling down. The smarter a person is, the longer they go without settling down. This is because they are taking their time in finding their true love.


Intelligent People Have Self-Awareness

An intelligent person’s self-awareness causes them to know what they like and dislike. They are able to tell faster than unintelligent people if they like someone.

This means they won’t spend a lot of time getting to know someone.

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They will know after the first date if things are going to click or not. Intelligent people aren’t able to simply be with anyone: they require a real connection.

Intelligent People Have Specific Requirements

Intelligent people already know what they are looking for in a partner. This means they aren’t getting to know a person they are dating. Instead, they are seeing if a person meets their criteria.

This can be an extremely long process. Someone that doesn’t meet these requirements won’t even get a second date from an intelligent person. These requirements range from interests to hobbies and all points in between.


Not A Lot Of People Can Match Their Intelligence

Having similar intelligence is an important part of getting along with someone. No one likes a know-it-all, and if you only date people below your own intelligence that is exactly what will happen.

An intelligent person wants a higher quality of conversation. Most people won’t be able to keep up with their conversational topics. Being attracted to someone is more than just physical: it is mental as well.


Intelligent People Require Constant Brain Stimulation

Boredom is a serious problem for someone of higher intelligence. Intelligent people lose interest after figuring something out.

They are ready to move on to something else once they have something down.

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Intelligent people need to constantly be introduced to new ideas and thoughts. It can be hard to find someone with these same personality traits.


Intelligence Is A Heavy Burden

Intelligent people tend to put a lot of thought into things. They like to spend a lot of time alone while analyzing their thoughts.

This can lead to them being reclusive. This is why intelligent people need someone who is similarly minded.


Intelligent People Aren’t Easily Tricked

An intelligent person needs someone who is honest. Intelligence has nothing to do with morality, but intelligent people are able to tell when someone is lying. A liar and an intelligent person simply won’t be able to get along.


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