10 Signs You are a born Storm Witch

10 Signs You are a born Storm WitchWitches are the beacons of ancient wisdom, carriers of magical energy. We are brothers and sisters of the Old Ways who managed to survived.

Moreover, Witches are born every day. Most of us are reincarnated Priests and Priestesses of the Old Religion or reincarnated Witches. Yet, not all witches are the same. Could you be a Storm Witch?


Types Of Witches 

There are many types of Witches. Some of these types have already been discussed in previous articles like ‘Zodiac Signs and Types of Witches’. The type of Witchcraft we are going to analyze is Storm Witchcraft. 


What is a ‘Storm Witch’?

‘Storm Witch’ is a rare powerful individual who is blessed with unimaginable magical energy. However, this person usually realizes the power which is hidden only during an emotional turbulence.

Furthermore, this can be an extremely ‘traumatic’ experience, as they cannot control their power and it frightens them. A storm Witch can accidentally hurt someone with this power and this is what scares them most because in fact, these are extremely sensitive people. 

Signs You are a Storm Witch


1. You Go Straight to the Point

These people love to point out what really matters. They have a unique perception of what is valuable. They can be unpopular because they don’t like to sugar-coat their words. 

In Magic, Storm Witches usually hate complicated rituals and rarely take part in these. Although when they do, they have amazing results. 


2. ‘Storm Witch’ Temper

Storm Witches are quick-tempered. Although they can be extremely sweet and caring, ‘they’ve got the ability to go from Bambi to banshee in 2.3 seconds‘. 

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When the ‘storm’ gathers in their hearts, they speak with hurtful words. However, they do apologize once they calm down. Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t repeat themselves once they feel hurt.


3. You Love Thunderstorms

Storm Witches are these ones who love to sit on the porch during a thunderstorm. They love watching the thunders hit the ground. Moreover, they are dazzled by the sounds and the colors of the lightning-bolts.

It seems that thunders recharge their energy making them feel more alive than ever. They love how the strong wind messes with their hair. Of course, they need to be careful when thunderstorm arrives as accidents can happen.


4. You Are not scared of Fighting

Storm Witches have the soul of a Spirit Warrior. They have a truly powerful heart. 

As a storm Witch is not afraid of thunderstorms, s/he doesn’t go back during a fight. It’s them who will try to meddle and calm things down. Moreover, they will try to help the one who is in trouble. 


5. You are a Passionate Lover

Passionate Love equals an emotional thunderstorm. A Storm Witch is not interested in casual flirting. Although they might try it, they lust for true love.

Storm Witches don’t care about society’s rules and norms. They want to get what they things is essential.


6. You Would Love to Manipulate the Weather

Storm Witches are known for their power over the weather. It is believed that they can cause storms or banish them. Moreover, they can also manipulate the wind, the clouds, and the rain. But why are they so keen on this?

Weather is a mirror of our emotions. You could interpret the change in the weather as mother nature’s mood swings. A Storm Witch usually battles over his/her emotions. The more they try to control them the worse it gets.

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Hence the unpredictable bursts of power. However, once they manage to embrace them, they gain full control on them and on their natural powers. 


7. You are Loyal and Truthful 

Nothing is worse than lying to Storm Witches. These guys love truth and they are not scared to hear it. No matter how hard it is, they don’t try to hide behind honest. Likewise, they can’t stand those who choose to lie repeatedly. 


8. Fear Cannot Stop You

Although a Storm Witch can get scared, s/he never chooses to give in. Fear is just another motivation to reach for the truth. You cannot terrorize a Storm Witch. 


9. You Love to Whistle 

This may come as a surprise but whistles have long been associated with wind-manipulation spells. Many medieval Magicians cast spells just by whistling in nature. 

Furthermore, the sound of whistle attracts nature spirits. This is why you are not advised to whistle around haunted regions. A whistle is a signal powered by the element of Air.

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This is why it is believed that certain sounds can cause a weather effect. 


10. Chaos Motivates You

Your room may be messy, your life too. Despite what others think, you can find order in any type of chaos. This is why people call for your help when things get tough. You can an amazing ability to calm them down and motivate them. 


Source: magicalrecipesonline


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