3 Easy Exercises For Development Of Psychokinesis

3 Easy Exercises For Development Of Psychokinesis

Preparation for the 3 exercises for development of psychokinesis:


Learn to feel the energy
Feel the energy

Feel the energy

The Chakra is a good first step to learn to feel the energy. Chakra includes exercise and meditation with the seven chakras. For you to feel the energy, you first need to know your own energy centers. Recommended: The Chakras & Their Functions


 Breathing and Energy flow
Breathing and flow of energy

Breathing and flow of energy

With every breath we take power. If you have learned through the chakras the simple use of energy, then you can achieve quick results with this exercise. Look for a quiet place and turn off your phone. Read carefully the following instructions before you begin:

Look for a quiet place and turn off your phone. Read carefully the following instructions before you begin:

Sit quietly. Back and your head should be in line. Your feet should touch the ground. Place your hands on your hips.

Breathe deeply three times and powerfully. You have to breathe as after a busy day you return home and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Inhalation lift your shoulders up and exhalation remove.

Now try to forget the daily cares and focus on your breathing. Feel your stomach rise inhalation and then deflate.

If you are in your home, imagine that you are in a beautiful natural place. Mountain, lake, meadow, sea or what you like most.

Focus only on your breathing. Imagine inhaling fresh and new energy and exhaling the waste from energy consumption.

Imagine how beautiful this place grows roots from your feet and burrow deep into the ground and as you begin to do you get your energy from it.

You should now feel something. If this has happened, continue to think more deeply about the exchange of energy. Pay attention to your breathing, it does not always work properly from the first attempt. Repeat the exercise regularly.

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If you follow the rhythm mentally you should feel a surge of energy. It is like a wave that descends on your body. It may feel tingling, pricking or pressure. You will experience a wide range of emotions.

Keep your hands in front of the chest. At first, the distance should be as shoulder width. Move your hands slowly toward each other. You must feel something before touching your hands. This is the aura energy. Then repeat the exercise again.

If you have developed your sense of aura energy, take your hands about 10 cm from the body and try to feel it.

Finish the exercise by placing your hands on the hips. Lightly hold your muscles and you will realize what is your surroundings. Open your eyes.



Doing the 3 exercises for development of psychokinesis:


1. First exercise – creating a Psi Ball

Psi ball is a space filled with compressed energy. Exercise is very similar to the one explained above. The steps are:

  • Imagine how energy is collected in the space between your hands and shape it into a ball.
  • Move your hands while holding the ball. Feel the pulse of Psy ball that follows the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Release Psi ball, and imagine how energy returns to you.
  • Finish the exercise by placing your hands on your hips. Lightly tap your muscles and feel the environment. Open your eyes.

With Psi ball you can do many things. The longer you concentrate on it, the more powerful and stronger it becomes. This energy always has a source and can be used for exercises in psychokinesis.

For further guidance check: How to make a psi ball complete guide



2. Second exercise – visualization

This exercise should focus on the object without describing it with words. This is known in Buddhist meditation, as meditating on the emptiness of silence.

Once you have trained your mind to pay all attention to one object, and you can describe it right here and now, it does not mean that the object is described.

For some, it may sound counterintuitive, but I will explain in the following way. There are two extremes to control your mind if you want to control matter with it.

  • You take one object and try to focus on it for at least 5 minutes without thinking. Do not leave your mind tell you as this is a vase, it is long or high.
  • Close your eyes and visualize the object. The aim is to establish a connection in less than a minute and then to preview the object in your mind for at least 10 minutes.
  • Finish the exercise, paying attention to your body. Inhale and exhale deeply several times and then open your eyes. 



3. Third exercise – concentration

To accomplish psychokinesis it is not required only energy. You also need a strong and concentrated mind to guide energy. The stronger your concentration is, the stronger is the effect of psychokinesis.

There are many ways to practice concentration. Meditation is the best option for this because it gives additional positive effects, such as health, spiritual development, and others.

Concentration on one point

In this exercise, you focus only on one point. Once you master your thoughts towards one point, take a sheet, pen, and clock to detect how long you can keep your concentration.

You should be able to concentrate for at least 20 minutes before proceeding further. Have patience, because this exercise may take you several weeks.

Concentrate only on the point (see photo)

Do this exercise at least 10 minutes a day and gradually increase the time to 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly time passes. You will think you have been concentrated for a short time, and in fact would have gone about 20 minutes.


Finish the exercise- simply close your eyes and inhale deeply several times. Then open your eyes.

Gostica wishes you GOOD LUCK 🙂




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