Here’s What the Animals You See in Your Dreams Mean for You

Here’s-What-the-Animals-You-See-in-Your-Dreams-Mean-for-You.jpgThe animals that you see in your dreams are not arbitrary, they are not just coincidences and they are definitely not irrelevant.

Each animal that occurs in a dream signifies something, it means something for the person and it reveals something about the thoughts that the person may have been occupied with.

The thing is, there is more to an animal in your dream than just luck and here we reveal what they mean based on the most common occurrences.


#1 Alligator

Dreaming of an alligator reveals some kind of deceit or manipulation which you may be facing. Someone is definitely hiding something from you and may even be trying to deceive you in one way or the other.

It could also be that the treachery lies with you but if it doesn’t, you need to be careful about who you talk to. Not everyone can be trusted and the alligator dreams is a known early warning sign about a web of lies.



#2 Horse

Dreams of a horse are indicative of power, endurance, virility and sexual prowess. It represents a position of power, either physical or some position of authority which you may be coveting or are already in.

On the other hand, however, it shows that you are free, wild and raw at heart and that you are still in touch with your primal self.

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A horse signifies both bravery and freedom and dreaming of one could mean that you are either looking for freedom or that you need a way to express your freedom in some way.



#3 Wolf

A wolf is a loner and yet it hunts in a pack. A wolf represents mystery, beauty, a survival instinct, intense self-belief, and pride. When you see a wolf in your dreams, it may mean that your inner rebel is trying to lash out.

You may be looking for opportunities to express your individuality and that you may be tired of feeling like the sheep.

It could also mean that you have some feeling of resentment or hostility towards someone which you wish to express openly but aren’t able to. Either way, a wolf expresses intrigue and a personality which is truly enigmatic.



#4 Owl

An owl in the dream indicates a thirst for success. An owl, which is a bird of prey, comes to life at night and waits patiently for its prey.

A dream could, therefore, mean that you too are biding your time, waiting for that opportune moment when you would be ready to spread your wings and fly.

It is clear that you would be a person of will and hence when you dream of an owl, be prepared to act on your impulses and grab every opportunity which comes your way.



#5 Snake 

A snake in your dreams, surprisingly, means that your life is moving towards balance. Contrary to the scare one feels on spotting a snake, its appearance in dreams is considered good omen in numerous cultures.

It may occur because you have found the right track in your life but are still confused about it, or you are trying to get your life in order and your efforts are finally showing some results. A snake in the dream also signifies a mind which is high on intellect and that may just be the case for you.



#6 Dog

A dog in your dreams symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. If you dream of a dog then there are two distinct possibilities.

Either you are feeling extremely loyal towards someone and are ready to make them your whole life or you may be expecting loyalty from someone who hasn’t responded in the way you expected.

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It also indicates that there may be some trust issues with regard to some of your relations but that you are still working doggedly (pardon the pun) to get things on the right track.



#7 Cat

A cat signifies two very opposing tendencies, either of which may apply to you. A cat is the symbol of independence, agility, creativity and somewhat feminine sexuality.

A cat, in this regard, in your dream may mean a need for some creative outlet to establish your independence as an individual. On the other hand, it also signifies misfortune and poor luck according to numerous cultures.

Taken in this regard, a cat in your dream may signify an impending change in your luck for the worse and a bad omen which you need to be aware of. Tread carefully, hence, if a cat has found its way to your dreams.



#8 Lizard

To see a lizard in your dream is a call for a return to your primal instincts. It may be that you have strayed away from your roots, you may have become someone you weren’t supposed to be or that you have given up on some values which you held dear.

It signifies that you need to get back in touch with your inner-self and if possible spend some time alone contemplating your deepest thoughts.



#9 Bear

A bear is a ferociously wild and independent animal which values freedom and seclusion more than anything else. A bear in your dreams may signify that you feel trapped in some way.

It may be that you feel like lashing out, the way a bear does, about something that has been bothering you for a while and it may be that you’ve had enough in life and just want some peace.

Either way, if a bear visits your dreams, it’s time you look out for the restraints that bind you and act to cut them off.



#10 Dragon

A dragon is a mythical creature of might, fury, and passion. A dragon in your dream signifies a passionate personality ready to embark upon an adventure.

A dragon reveals that you are feeling grounded and aren’t letting your true potential to be realized. Only you know what’s stopping you but the fact is that once you let your true instincts take over, they would guide you to unknown heights and a dragon in your dream is hinting at it.



#11 Fish

Some women dream of fish while they are pregnant and it has been known to signify conception. The conception, however, does not mean conceiving a baby only, it may be an idea, a thought or something else which needs to be initiated.

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A fish may, therefore, signify that you need to initiate something. It may pertain to your love life or your profession but you may need to take a step forward like the fish which has to keep moving to remain alive.



#12 Frog

A frog is good at camouflage and hides really well. A frog in your dream may signify something significant which you may be hiding from you and is, in turn, eating you up.

It could also signify a search for truth, that is, you may be looking for something in your life or trying to find out something about someone.

The point is, there’s something hidden either with you or with someone else that you need to know and that is why the frog has leaped in your dreams.


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