Tap Into Your Past Life And See Which Oracle Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign


Each of these cards shares the lessons your soul is working on from a past life. Now is the time to heal yourself from old doubts or fears so you can enjoy this lifetime all the more.


This card indicates that you lived a life where you were present and active in a key biblical character’s life.

Meditate on which figure resonates most with you − this person was really once a part of your life. Aspects of their story ring true to you or offer a wisdom that you could absorb right now − forgiveness is likely to be the key.



How you interact with money now is affected by your past lives.

Maybe you were extremely wealthy, or extremely poor, or the current systems of wages, banking and mortgages just didn’t exist then so you find it all bewildering now.

Acknowledge that money is a neutral force − it’s what you do with it that counts, for good or bad. Make some new, positive intentions for your finances, and start to execute them.



The presence of this card is a sign from the universe to consider the trust and faith you have in both others and yourself.

The pain of betrayals from prior lifetimes can linger into our current one, undermining relationships. Live and learn, but don’t dwell on things.

If your instincts are warning you about someone, then don’t ignore that, but also be vigilant not to let the echo of old grievances taint your life now.



It’s likely that one or more of the people in your current life were known to you in previous lifetimes because they have unfinished business with you.

Examine the vibes you get from those close to you. A healthy bond indicates a true soulmate, but more troubling vibrations suggest one of you is harboring feelings that require healing and release.



Now is a time that your depth of wisdom and knowledge from previous lifetimes is literally itching to resurface. Allow this to happen by beginning a course of study into something which draws you into it.

Follow your intellectual or spiritual passions, potentially even by changing jobs, as the universe is trying to guide you towards meaningful lessons and work



You are suffering from romantic insecurities that take their energy from a past lifetime heartbreak.

You were betrayed or spurned, and those wounds struck deeply.

Consciously try to recognize your insecurities and consider if this is irrational jealousy or neediness (i.e. from a past life, so talk it through and draw your awareness to it), or rooted in fact and reality (i.e. deal with this right now).



This card is here to tell you that your mother was very likely with you in previous lifetimes.

This happens for one of two reasons – either your bond is so precious, so this keeps drawing you together; or if your relationship is challenging, then there are karmic issues to resolve.

Blocks with your mother can lead to resistance to accepting help in general. Consider your situation, and either improve or celebrate what you have.



Vows you took in a previous lifetime (typically as a monk or nun) are thwarting you in the here and now. This could include vows linked to chastity, poverty, denial or self-punishment.

Release yourself by stating aloud “I am willing to sever all vows that are blocking me in this lifetime.

I ask that all aspects of painful vows be now and forever undone in all directions of time for everyone concerned.” It’s time to sever that old connection.



This card’s presence indicates something from a past life is impacting your current love life. Consider what it could be.

Could it be a prior betrayal that is scarring your thoughts now? Could it be that your partner was known to you before?

Is there latent energy between you that begs to be revealed? Working on this can open up your loving and beautiful heart to its maximum potential.



It’s time to see your current anger or dissatisfaction as a dark, transient cloud which has blown in from a past life − and can just as easily be swept away again.

Your willingness to release this stored resentment is the key to healing. Forgiveness is not about admitting that others are right or justified, but a positive statement of self-empowerment.

You opt to detoxify yourself of stored anger and negative energy. Find the source, and release this cloud.



Once a knight, always a knight. You have the heart and mind of a gallant and compassionate Sir, from long ago, and this is the foundation of the loyalty and empathy you bring to your current world.

You likely work in a role where you protect, or are a guardian of, others’ interests, and it’s important to you to believe in what you do. Embrace these wonderful, eternal qualities.



There is an intense event linked to transportation from your previous lives.

Perhaps you were an inventor or designer of vehicles or suffered a trauma in one.

Maybe you were even a citizen of Atlantis. Whatever the source, the knowledge you absorbed wants to serve you in this life.

Perhaps in the form of an interest in alternative, environmentally friendly means of transport, or by pursuing an unusual journey you’ve dreamed of taking.

Source: soulandspiritmagazine.


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