Eclipses, Earthquake, Equinox & Hurricanes- The Shift Is In Full Force

Eclipses-Earthquake-Equinox-amp-Hurricanes-The-Shift-Is-In-Full-Force-1.jpgHurricane Irma’s devastation following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Another hurricane, Jose now a strong category 4, threatening Caribbean islands already devastated by Irma.

Millions impacted by Mother Nature in North and Central America just days and weeks after the “Great American Eclipse”…. Yes, everyone along with

Mother Earth is still processing the total solar eclipse energies.

The shift is in full force.

Digesting the immensity of the all the changes with our mind alone is not possible.

The intensity of the transformation, the speed and unexpected nature of the shift can feel overwhelming.

So what can you do? Let go and feel. Nothing is a given anymore, except that YOU are alive!


Be gentle with yourself. 

Your life is transforming at a very fast pace. In the midst of all the change and upheaval, the true, beautiful, sensitive YOU is unfolding.

Our recent Pisces Full Moon is helping you open up, accept and love reality, no matter how it unfolds. 

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Pisces is the sign of unconditional Love.

During Wednesday’s Pisces Full Moon the Sun was in Virgo, an Earth sign opposite the Moon in Pisces, a Water signnSun and Moon were at 13° – 13 is the total transformation life, death, rebirth number – bringing empowering shifts through the unexpected

Sun, the masculine/father symbol which is rooted in Earth (Virgo) opposite the Moon, the feminine/mother, in the sign symbolizing the Ocean (Pisces)


This is a balancing of the tangible and intangible.

As human beings we are very aware of having a physical experience, since it is visible and tangible, yet we can forget our soul – the Divine spark of Light and Love in us here to express the spiritual, incomprehensible and eternal in tangible form.

We need to trust in the beautiful paradox that defines everything – including time and timelessness.

With death there is new life. With new life there is constant change.

So, just like a hurricane can change direction at the last minute, and an Earthquake strikes unexpectedly, we can only plan for change, be prepared for transformation.

All that is certain is that our souls are eternal. Everything else comes and goes…. The only constant is… love.

The lives of those in the Caribbean, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala, and soon Florida will never be the same. In reality, no one is untouched.
We are all joined as sisters and brothers.


This loving understanding breaks down all barriers.

Send love in whichever way you can – physically (action) and spiritually (feeling). Consciously activate your God-given gift of finding creative solutions within your heart.
You are a beautiful point of light, part of our big galactic family! Extend your light and brighten each and every day with your beauty.

The synchronistic events happening now are a sign from Source that we are all One, we are all here to grow and evolve together.

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The Eclipses, Earthquake, coming Equinox and Hurricanes are felt everywhere.

We breathe the same air, share the same resources, and we are being called to move forward together. Release the illusion that you are separate and have no impact on everything and everyone.

Earth and her inhabitants are experiencing a powerful energy surge.

We are joined together now through social media, the internet, television. We are ONE.

Feel the shift – no matter where you live on Earth. Be kind to yourself. Get plenty of rest, and open your heart with gratitude and love.
Acceptance is your path to peace.


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