These are The Old Souls of the Zodiac ( and Those that Are Young)

These are The Old Souls of the Zodiac ( and Those that Are Young)When do you think your soul was born? Was it hundreds or thousands of years ago, or much more recently? There are some people walking this earth right now who have old, ancient souls that date back to the dawn of human existence, whereas others are young and new to life.

You can find out how old and wise your spirit is by looking to your zodiac sign and the information it reveals may be of substantial help to you in understanding your current position and situation in life.

When it comes to age, people often assume you should act as old as you look. If you’re a teenager, then act like one, but if you appear to be an adult who acts like a teenager, something is wrong with you. This type of physical judgment is socially acceptable and by now it’s a norm because it works well and fine for examining a person’s approximate age in their current life.

However, it doesn’t work at all when trying to determine how old our souls may be. How old we truly are is on a deeper level consisting of complex interactions from our soul’s past lives and experiences. Only with the inherent wisdom that the zodiac encompasses can we even try to begin to unlock our real soul age.

We’ve all heard the term “old soul” which refers to those people who appear to be older and wiser beyond their years. They’re often in tune with what life sends their way because they have lived many unaccounted lives and been reborn over and over again. Older souls possess deep rooted wisdom and knowledge which can only be gained through many lifetimes filled with experiences and education.

These people look at the bigger picture and don’t respond in aggressive or reactionary manners, but rather with a calm and relaxed approach.

Others are known to have a “new soul” and seem to be younger and less mature. They often learn on the fly as they go through life and are much more inquisitive and excited about the world and everything in it. They are more ambitious and are quick to react in situations they face. New souls are young at heart and often feel like they have a lot to learn and accomplish.

If you want to figure out how old your soul may be, find your zodiac sign below and see if what it says reflects your guess as to whether or not you’re an old or new soul!



Your soul is similar in age to that of a middle-aged person. While it’s filled with experiences and spot on instincts, it still has a lot of growing to do and is overly focused on itself.



Your soul is ancient and vibrant, like a wise elder-person. It has lived a thousand lives and yet it is still marching forward as strong and steady as ever before.



Your soul is relatively new to the game of life, but it’s no spring chicken. It’s been a on journey where untold lessons and knowledge have been gained, and the trip isn’t even half over yet!



Your soul is a mystery since it could essentially be any age. Your soul is an enigma because it’s both infantile yet exponentially evolved, all at the same time, which makes it impossible to decipher.



Your soul is like a child in that it’s young and innocent. While it may be young it’s not immature or infantile, but rather relaxed, easygoing, and carefree.



Your soul is similar in age to that of a person who’s newly retired. You’re resilient, wise, and are now looking to throw yourself into a new hobby or activity that will keep you busy and stimulated.



Your an old soul with a clear and present mind. You’re young at heart and the wisdom and clarity you project draws others towards you who are in need of sage life advice.



Your soul is like a teenager in that it’s young, wild, and worry-free. It’s at that fleeting age where life feels invincible, so enjoy the ride while it lasts because it’ll be over before you know it.



Your soul is super old and hands-off. It’s been through untold stories and would rather sit out of the action and adventure that’s going on around it. Now is the time to watch and observe.



Your soul is young and scattered, it’s new to life and everything in it, which is why you find beauty in the strangest of places or things. Your innocence is refreshing and much needed in today’s world.



Your soul is ancient and if it were a person it’d be elderly. That’s not a bad thing, it’s simply that you have lived many lives and have inevitably become worn out by them all.



Your soul is in its prime and is brimming with adventure, action, and excitement. Yet, at the same time, it’s equally weary and sick and tired of all the silly little obstacles and things in this world that are blocking its path.


For more insight, take this test What Age is Your Soul – TEST to find out more about the age of your soul.

Are you a new soul, or an old soul? let us know in the comments below


By Sun-gazing


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