These Are The Signs Of Soulmate Telepathy

These-Are-The-Signs-Of-Soulmate-Telepathy.jpgSoulmate connections are spiritually rewarding relationships that we experience with others who share a similar soul – or even the same oversoul, a relationship commonly described as between soul siblings.

We can have many soulmates over the course of one lifetime. These connections, unlike the connection with our twin flame, are often fleeting and meet only a small number of our spiritual needs. This fits with their purpose.

The purpose of a soulmate is to teach us a karmic lesson, as laid out before we were born in this world in the soulmate contract.

The existence of this soulmate contract speaks to the nature of the soulmate connection or soulmate relationship.

It is a spiritual bond, rather than a bond made on the physical plane. It is, to a point, preordained.

It is the spiritual nature of this relationship that gives it an interesting quality.

Soulmate Telepathy

Telepathy, in this context, encompasses all of the non-verbal communication we experience that is of a spiritual – or non-material – nature.

And it is the purest, most precise form of communication.

We often use words not to communicate clearly and effectively, but instead to mask our real feeling and beliefs.

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With words, we can lie, deceive and manipulate. But with our non-verbal thoughts, our ideas and our emotions we can speak only truth.

And it is on this level that we communicate telepathically across a spiritual connection.

So how can we tell that we are experiencing a telepathic connection with our soulmate?


Shared Dream Experiences

Soulmates will often experience their first telepathic connection within their dreams.

We might discover that we have had the same dreams as our soulmate in the run-up to our meeting and while the relationship progresses.

This is a symptom of telepathic communication, a sort of thickening of the spiritual connection on the spiritual plane – which is most easily accessed through dreams.

These kinds of shared dreams often signify a telepathic connection between soulmates.


Uncanny Intuition

Once we are familiar with our soulmate, we might experience what is referred to sometimes as uncanny intuition.

Simply put, this is a telepathic connection that governs our ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of our soulmate without the need for them to be expressed in words.

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We find it comes naturally to be attuned to the body language and expressions of our soulmate and this is due to the strong spiritual connection we share.

This kind of natural intuition shared between soulmates is a sure sign of telepathic connection.

Thought Union

Thought Union describes the similarity in thought between the telepathically connected soulmates.

In other words, we often find that we have the same thoughts and ideas as our soulmate when presented with the same information and situations.

It is a union in thought vibrations as they become attuned to the telepathic connection that connects us.

In fact, it is the process of attunement that typifies the soulmate relationship.

Through this process, we attune with our soulmate, and they attune with us until we reach a stage where we have learned all we have to learn from each other.

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The telepathic connection is the tool by which our soulmates help us forge our way along our spiritual journey.


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