11 Little Known Laws of Mindfulness That Will Change the Way You Live Your Life


Meditation and mindfulness exercises have become very popular in recent years. In order understand how it gained such steadfast popularity, one need only to see how it has been used as a wonderful form of therapy that can completely revolutionize your life.

In order to be mindful, you must learn to be aware of your current situation in a non-judgmental manner. As life is taking place around you, you will have to take charge of the current moment, and become aware of what is happening in the here and now. In one example of mindfulness, you take a seated meditation and remain still for a period of time. You then focus your attention on one point, such as your breath. You can also focus on images. Once you begin practicing this at various points in your day, you will see immediate benefits.



1. You Will Become Kinder

In a study done by Northeastern University, participants were asked to be seated in a waiting room, as the scientists prepared the study. Then, someone with crutches would come in, and be faced with the participant who filled up one of three occupied seats.

The other two were instructed not to give up their seats, in order to encourage the participant to give up their seat. In the group of participants that had been practicing meditation for eight weeks, it was discovered they were more likely to give up their seat than the non-meditating group.


2. Body Regulation

In the same manner that hormones regulate the metabolism, mindfulness can regulate the body. This allows the user to obtain a variety of benefits including healthier coping mechanisms with stress tolerance and relaxation.



3. We Become More Thankful

When we are aware and paying attention, it is easier to see the good things in our lives. This allows for transformation and change in places we may have once perceived only stagnation.



4. We Learn to Accept Things for What They Are

Many of us spend much of our time fighting against our present moment, rather than just accepting it without judgment. Accepting your present moment is the most important aspect of mindfulness.



5. Attuned Communication

While being stressed may make it hard to become attuned with those around us, when we let go of judgment and worry, while accepting the moment, it becomes much simpler for us to pay attention to others.



6. Identification of Patterns

Mindfulness provides you with clarity. In turn, clarity with providing you with the ability to observe patterns that take place within your behaviors and emotions. Understanding the patterns behind our emotions and actions is fundamental to make changes in our lives.



7. You Will Become More Centered

If at any time you become fearful, angry, panicked or stressed, mindfulness will teach you the tools that you can use anywhere to center yourself.



8. Regain Your ‘Awe’ About Life

Mindfulness practices aids as a primer that will allow you to return that sense of joy and wonder that you may have lost due to daily stressors.

The University of Groningen found that participants who exercised mindfulness returned with a greater ability to react with awe than those who did not practice mindfulness.

9. You Learn to Separate from Your Thoughts

When you slow down and become aware of your surroundings, you can understand when a thought springs to mind, and that while something may be making you think that way, that it isn’t necessarily true.

Just because you had a bad day, which caused you to feel like you were a failure, doesn’t mean that you were one. Mindfulness will show you the difference.




10. A Better Understanding of the Source Behind a Problem

Not only will mindfulness teach you how to identify patterns, it can also show you the clear source of a problem.



11. Learn How to Forgive

While a plethora of internal changes will be made by mindfulness, you will also notice a difference in your outside communications as well. Why? When we are less judgmental of the moment, ourselves and others, it becomes easier to forgive and to let go.



Source : awarenessact


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