The 12 Dimensions Of Consciousness We Have To Awaken To Reach A Level Beyond Enlightenment!

12 dimensions

Dimensions organize the different planes of existence based on their vibration rate. Each of these dimensions follows a certain set of laws and principles that are particular to its frequency.

According to the Circular Time Theory, things will repeat over a very long period of time; and they will repeat almost exactly as they had been.

Humans are said to be multidimensional beings of light with a visible dense body whose consciousness has been projected into. However, they are aware of just a part of their consciousness and have the potentiality of accessing the first 5 dimensions.

Most of us are comfortable in the 3rd dimensional level of awareness, however, access to the 4th dimension known as the astral plane or “time” is possible with spiritual application, such as meditation, reflection, and asking the assistance of our spirit guides.

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Those with so called Indigo and Crystal consciousness can access levels as high as the 7th dimension, or even higher.

The 12 Dimensions Of Consciousness:

1st Dimension

This dimension serves as the point of focus in the awareness. What resonates in this frequency is the seed of creation that unfolds its information and form.

2nd Dimension

This is the realm of information. The plants and the lower animal kingdom resonate here, the beings with consciousness acquired by their DNA information and genetic code. The basic requirements of food and survival are present in this frequency level.

3rd Dimension

This is the realm of form. The conscious mind of humans and the higher animal kingdom resonate at this level. The awareness of self as a separate entity begins, but due to the limitations of the third dimension, we are unable to remember our past lives.

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4th Dimension

This is the realm of time. Some call it the astral plane, this is the level of focus, information, form and change. This is also the dimension of the subconscious mind, and where one can tap into to have advanced psychic abilities.

5th Dimension

This is the realm of spirit. It’s the possibility of multiple timelines and the constant that is the same in all of them. This is the dimension of the unconscious mind. The awareness of spirit starts to appear at this level. Remembering our higher selves is often felt in this dimension.

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6th Dimension

This is the realm of soul. It’s the dimension of light. In this dimension, one surrenders to the gentle flow of the spirit’s evolution to fit all of the soul’s possibilities.

7th Dimension

This is the realm of infinity. It’s the dimension where the soul tunes in to evolve itself.

8th Dimension

This is the realm of eternity. It’s the full cosmic consciousness with all its aspects. It’s where all focus, information, form, time, spirit, soul, infinity and eternity are united. It’s The Universe itself.

9th Dimension

This is the realm of God. It’s the dimension of God Consciousness.

10th Dimension

This is the realm of the Multiverse. It’s the dimension beyond the Universe and the consciousness that created it.

11th Dimension

This is the realm of the Omniverse. It’s the dimension of consciousness from all the possible Multiverses.

12th Dimension

This is the realm of Love. It’s the dimension of the vibration of love that penetrates through everything and unites everything, all focus and awareness, information, form, change, spirit, soul, infinity, eternity, God, The Multiverse and The Omniverse.

Being at this level means one has reached to the Source Consciousness or Love Consciousness. This is not to be mistaken with the romantic love we feel for each other, however, it can be a catalyst to tune into this frequency of vibration.

We are beings that have access to all of these dimensions of consciousness at any moment and place.

However, we have not yet awoken to these higher levels and most of our consciousness is not aligned to these dimensions. But we are getting there!

Maintaining a sense of love in your heart is probably the best way to align all of the dimensions of your consciousness!

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