20 Laws of The Universe That Can Change Your Everyday Life

20 Laws of The Universe, That Can Change Your Everyday Life

The universe speaks to us in different ways. These are 20 laws that you need to know about it

1 You can not know exactly what is good and what is evil.

2  But know exactly: that imposed good – it’s evil.

3 You do not know what the universe needs from you.

4  If you think you’re right, then you are not right.

5 There is no such thing called right or wrong; Unseen from you is what it is.

6 There is no bad, there are things that make you grieve.

7 There is no good, there are things that make you enjoy.

8 The universe is very big, to be able to damage it.

9 It is possible that your mistakes are what is required from the universe.

10 Your mistakes will not destroy the universe.

11 Do not seek the truth, it is not there. And if it exists, you don’t need it

12 Do not seek to mean in life; if it exists, it lies beyond its borders.

13 How would you define the purpose of what you do? And does it belong to you?

14 Do not worry about yourself. For the universe – you are very dear for a breakdown in vain.

15 Do not seek your fault. You are not guilty of anything.

16 If you do something that is difficult for you, it is not necessary for you to do that.

17  If you do something “accidentally”, then you do it on purpose.

18 Keep what you like and escape from what you do not like.

19 If you can fix the consequences of your mistakes, you didn’t do any mistakes

20  Everything that happens, happens in its time.


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