30 Signs Of A Gifted Spiritual Healer

spiritual healing

Faith, purpose, and determination along with brains, power, and spirit are combinations that can do miracles. We all have this power to perform miracles and heal our selves. We all have the energy to fight our demons. However, a spiritual healer has the power and energy to heal those around. It is a gift, an art to be honed but not an ability to be learned.

Spiritual healing is a much looked upon the method of healing.

Are you wondering about the possibilities of you being a spiritual healer?

Read on to find if you display any of these symptoms.

1. People can never have enough of you. Those who love you and are close to you never get bored of you.

2. You are almost always going through unceasing illnesses and are a victim of autoimmune diseases.

3. You spend majority of your life thinking about the well being of others. You are too concerned about how to make other’s life better.

4. You’re a magnet to those who need healing. The hurt and the needy rush to you and often put you in a self-sacrificing situation.

5. You are good at sensing auras and vibes. If you walked into a room where a minute ago a fight or argument had taken place, you know it instantly!

6. Being an empath that you are (if you are a healer), you find your physical self aching at experiencing the hurt felt by others.

7. Animals hold a special place in your heart. Be it wild or tamed – animals have always seen you with friendly eyes.

8. Giving advice is your field of expertise.

9. Saying no is not exactly your cup of tea.

10. Shamanism, Reiki and other such forms of spiritual healing have attracted you quite a lot.

spiritual healing, reiki

11. You wish to be surrounded with things having mystic healing properties like the precious stones and crystals.

12. You feel it is your duty to solve other’s problems.

13. Headaches and migraine are a common occurrence for you.

14. Healing powers are known to be passed down by generations. So if your parents or grandparents where psychiatrists, doctors, massage therapists – get the hint.

15. Everybody loves your presence and finds it comforting, be it family, co-workers or lover and friends.

16. Kids love you.

17. Your hospitality is the talk of the town. People feel at home when they come to your place and you go an extra mile to create that atmosphere.

18. You have an ability to read people and often your co-workers and seniors note that. Have you ever been asked for your opinion while hiring a new staff Bingo, that’s your hint.

19. Your perspectives are often completely different which allow you to handle difficult circumstances in a beautiful way.

20. Your friends always approach you when in trouble or facing a hard time.

spiritual healing, friends

21. You are a great listener.

22. Weight gain around the tummy, digestion issues and back pain are your constant companions.

23. You have been through spiritual enlightenment.

24. Your judgment regarding people is often right.

25. You think big and think of the final results rather than the small details.

26. You are often laden with the emotional baggage of others.

27. You always feel like an outsider – completely cut off.

28. Your thoughts are in the shades of grey.

29. You know what depression is, have faced panic attacks and have felt unease on more than one occasion.

30. Social gatherings just aren’t your thing. It drains you at the end of the day.


This article was originally published by Wisdom Path.


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