6 Enlightening Lessons The Great Spiritual Masters All Aimed To Teach Us

6 Enlightening Lessons The Great Spiritual Masters All Aimed To Teach Us

In all spiritual traditions around the globe we find awakened masters who dedicated their entire lives illuminating people through their teachings, with the intention to turn the world into a better place, wherein people would live lovingly and at peace with one another and nature.

Here I want to present you with six of the most powerful lessons that all the great, enlightened spiritual masters of both the East and the West throughout history aimed to teach us:


1. Separation is an illusion.

Everything in existence is connected to everything else. Nothing exists independently or in isolation of its environment. All duality is nothing but an illusion and unless we break free from it we’ll never be able to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.


2. Simplicity is key.

Living frugally is the way to finding focus and clarity. Those who complicate their lives tend to have a confused state of mind and waste their time and energy engaged in things that don’t contribute to their development. A wise person throws away what is unessential and keeps in his heart only what is of true importance.

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3. Attachment brings suffering.

Everything that exists and we possess will one day fade. In other words, everything is temporary, including our presence in this world. Therefore, the more attached we are, whether to people, possessions or circumstances, the more we are bound to suffer, since all those will sooner or later be taken away from us.


4. Pain is a messenger. 

People are usually afraid of pain and do anything to avoid listening to it. The truth, however, is that pain is there to teach us something important, and unless we pay close attention to it, we’ll never be able to learn and grow.

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Pain shows us in the most intense way that there’s something wrong with our lives and that we need to change our way of living in order to overcome it.


5. Compassion creates peace.

To live compassionately means to live in peace with others. When compassion is lost in the world, competition, conflict and war inevitably arise. Compassion is the only thing that can help people unite and work together towards creating a more beautiful world for all beings in existence.


6. Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.

The more we take responsibility in our hands, the more we will be able to shape our lives. Those who choose to throw the responsibility on others’ shoulders, don’t realize that they are throwing their freedom away too. Responsibility might at times be a heavy burden to carry, but it’s the only way to living mindfully and free.

These enlightening lessons might at first seem easy to understand, but it actually takes a big shift in consciousness to realize them. With meditation and a conscious application of those lessons, you’ll sooner or later manage to embody them in your everyday life and experience their immense power and importance.


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Author: Sofo Archon


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