6 Signs You Are Destined To Be A Spiritual Master

Even though the word ‘guru’ might have a New Age connotation, it is actually an ancient Sanskrit word, meaning “teacher, guide, expert, or master.” In some cultures, a guru is considered to be a “counselor who helps mold values, shares experiential knowledge as much as literal knowledge, an exemplary in life, an inspirational source and someone who helps in the spiritual evolution of a student.” Basically, spiritual gurus come into your life at some point and attempt to teach you the very things you need most- if you’re ready to learn.


When you experience being in the presence of a spiritual master, you know it. They are beacons of light who teach us the universal principles we are all bound to battle with.

Regardless of age, spiritual mastery occurs to different people, at different times in their life, and gurus are placed on your life path to help guide you through the inevitable rough roads ahead.

Throughout my life, I have met  a few people I would consider to be spiritual gurus, and they’ve all exhibited these 6  signs:


1. They aren’t judgmental.

A spiritual guru doesn’t care how enlightened you are, or what words you use, or how you dress. They understand that everyone is living their life as they should at that moment and that we all have a story to tell.

They remember being right where you are now, and they know it gets better. Judging is more about the person doing the judging, than the person being judged.



2. They are sensitive and non-reactive.

The majority of people who are considered to be empaths or highly sensitive, are also very reactive. They become consumed with the emotions and feelings swelling within them.

A spiritual guru, however, knows how to be sensitive while remaining non-reactive. They establish emotional boundaries, and rely on self-responsibility to differentiate between feeling, and being a feeling.



3. They teach others naturally.

While some people might have difficulty getting through to others, a spiritual guru is a natural teacher. They know just what to say and how to say it; their lessons flow through you like a lightning bolt of clarity. Most of the time, a guru’s teaching comes from being a living example.



4. They are the embodiment of love.

Yes, I find it hard to love everyone. It’s something I haven’t quite mastered yet. The spiritual gurus I have met, however, reached Divinity through unconditional love- for themselves, and others.

They aren’t afflicted with anger or hatred, because they fully grasp the one basic truth: “we are one.”




5. They give up attachments.

Once you realize what is really important in this life, you start to let go of the things that don’t matter. Like material possessions, money, and looking younger.

A spiritual guru understands that all things must pass, and everything is temporary. They prefer to focus their energy on beautifying the Spirit and Soul, rather than their house or wardrobe.



6. They respect the earth and all living creatures upon it.

A spiritual guru has a deep connection with this planet and all living beings. They show respect and appreciation and understand that they do not “own” the earth. They believe they are equal participants- Gaia and man.


Source : mysticalraven


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