6 Signs You Are Feeling A Spiritual Shift

6-Signs-You-Are-Feeling-A-Spiritual-Shift.jpgThe process of spiritual awakening requires a massive vibrational shift. Before we truly awaken, we must find our purpose in life.

We can only do that if we stop fixating on the worldly temptations of this world. Our existential crisis holds us captive because we fill our spiritual being with hatred, fear, and insecurities.

We devoid ourselves of love and light and fall prey to the misleading ploys of skepticism and consumerism.

We only experience a spiritual shift when we fight these evil powers and embrace kindness. People, who do so, bind themselves to the universal source which gives them an endless capacity to love.

They start vibrating on a higher level and start seeing things for what they are. Illusionary deceptions no longer steer them away from the truth.

They experience a moment of clarity that aligns them with their purpose in life.

If you exhibit any of the behaviors below, you are undergoing a spiritual shift.


Originality Is Your Only Face

You start to detest banality. You hate faking smiles and pretending to be who you’re not. That is why you estrange yourself from the company of hypocritical and obsequious people.

Solitude gives you peace because it provides you with ample opportunity to express your ideas and thoughts.You’re hell-bound on walking on your own path, and a new-found craving to be yourself takes hold of your mind and soul.

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You feel unfulfilled if you don’t express your originality. The faux narratives of society no longer influence you.


Tending To Old Scars And Conflicts

A spiritual journey involves emotional inconsistency. Before you embrace spiritual awakening, you have to undergo constant fluctuations.

To cleanse your soul of negative energies, such as self-ego, you have to first face them.

Emotional scars from past relationships, emotional traumas may require your immediate attention, before you can truly move on to a state of higher vibrational energy.


Disillusionment With Old Beliefs

Disillusionment is one of the most typical signs of a spiritual shift. All your perceptions, beliefs and ideals disintegrate once you embark upon the voyage of spiritual illumination.

You gradually realize that your personality is a set of rules and influences that was constructed by the superficial influences of the society.

It was not you, but someone else who was living inside your mind and soul. In a bold attempt to get rid of this persona, you isolate yourself from consumerism, fake people and all other things that veer you away from your destiny.


You Pounce To Help Others In Need

Even though you isolate yourself from society, you still feel connected to every human being through a divine source.

Meaningless conversations and encounters no longer interest you, but when you see someone crying or in severe pain, you feel a strong urge to help them.

Resounding empathy and utmost love as well as fighting your past are the prerequisites of achieving spiritual illumination.

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Feeling a spiritual shift is one of the most miraculous things to happen to a human being. It’s spiritually and mentally demanding, but worth it in the end.



Spending Time alone Alone Is Important to You

Either you are an empath or just ultra sensitive being around others, especially their energy.

When you are around others, they often drain your energy. So you spend time doing things you like on your own, like tending to your hobbies.

This is just part of who you are. Connecting to your higher self-feels normal for you.


Synchronicities Happen More Often

You once knew this as just coincidences. Now that you have awakened they feel more like synchronicities.

They are a wink from the Universe. You might see numbers like 11:11 or 22:22. They are reminders from the universe that you are well on your way, so don’t stop.

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There are other synchronicities you might experience, read this article to find them.


Living In The Present Moment

The above statement comes to you naturally. You have learned to focus only on the present situation rather than thinking of the past or the future.

One of the most influential ways to live your life and you have come to terms with it.

When you are feeling the spiritual shift, daily living changes. Your thoughts are lighter, and you think of all the healthy ways to improve yourself. It’s part of the light body process.

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