7 Signs You Are Receiving Cosmic Information That You Shouldn’t Ignore. Especially #5!

7-Signs-You-Are-Receiving-Cosmic-Information-That-You-Shouldn’t-Ignore.-Especially-5-1.jpgYour brain is not only a producer of thoughts, but a receiver too. Depending on what you tune it into, it will receive such information.

Cosmic information is all around us. We are, in a way, pieces of this Cosmic information. Everything is connected with everything else, and everything comes from the same source, you, The Earth, The Galaxy, everything!

The way we live our lives can steer us away from the Cosmic purpose we hold in our hearts. That’s why, sometimes, the Cosmic Intelligence can send us messages and updates to steer us back towards our heart’s purpose.

Sometimes these Cosmic messages can lead us to revolutionary ideas and inventions the world hasn’t seen yet.

Anyway, we all get Cosmic Information from time to time. However, not many people are aware when these messages show up in their lives and most of them get ignored.


7 Signs You are Receiving Cosmic Information

1. Sudden Inspiration

Inspiration is a mental stimulation to do something, create something.

It usually comes when you start scratching a subject you are passionate about.

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Sudden inspiration is a sure sign that you are receiving Cosmic Information as you are being mentally stimulated to do something that will lead you back to your purpose.


2. Dreams

According to some legends, a part of your soul goes into another world while you dream. This is the dream world, a world between your unconscious mind and reality.

In there you can receive important messages from your own subconsciousness, and from the Cosmic Intelligence.

Having dreams where you get new ideas, insights and advices about things you can’t possibly know, are a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information.


3. Subconscious Signal

Watching a movie where you suddenly hear something that answers a question you’ve been recently wondering about. Hearing a song that tells a message you feel you needed to hear. Reading a sign on the street that resonates so much with something you’ve been asking yourself.

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All those examples are ways the Cosmic Intelligence is steering your subconsciousness to communicate with you.

Listen to what it tries to tell you!


4. Geometry

They say geometry is the language of The Universe. There are certain shapes that are called sacred and these shapes hold powerful messages for each person.

Having a certain shape reappear in your life, sacred or not, is a sure sign there is a message that you need to decipher.

Numbers, shapes, even letters, they are all geometry. So anything that reappears should be carefully examined.


5. Gravitating Towards an Idea

You might be writing your new book or watching new series, you might be talking with your friends or wandering with your own thoughts, but whatever you do there is a certain idea you keep coming back to.

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Whatever you do you are been drawn to a certain idea.
This is a sure sign the Cosmic Intelligence is trying to steer your attention towards something you need to focus on.


6. Surge of Emotions

Information does not come only in a form of rational thought. Sometimes information is abstract and emotional. It is this kind of information that gives us the deepest answers.

Getting a surge of emotions can come as a result of many factors.

But a sudden surge of emotions, usually accompanied with a sense of clarity and motivation is a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information.


7. Love

Feeling a sense of love, not for any particular thing or person, but for everything around you, is one of the best states you can be in.

Even more, this is the state where your body’s receptors for Cosmic Light are activated making you able to absorb Cosmic Energy, receive its information and upgrade your DNA.


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