8 Signs You Are Going Through Energetic Changes Associated With Recent Waves

8 Signs You Are Going Through Energetic Changes Associated With Recent Waves

So many people have been discussing the power of ‘lion’s gate’, the ‘9-9-9 portal” portal and other events like Wave X from earlier this year as being times where great waves of energy came with the power to produce great shifts.

September 22 (the equinox) marks a new round of energy we as humans are about to be exposed to. So how do you know if you are experiencing a shift associated with an energy wave? And if you are, what can you do about it.

Energy waves, in their most simple form, are messages or sets of ‘code’ from universal beings or bodies that hold the potential for growth and development here on earth.

They are basically pieces of energetic information that help us to shore up and uncover different parts of ourselves when we receive them (usually through exposure).

Sometimes they are delivered through ‘portals’ which, among other things, are specific timelines where this information is being transmitted. As they touch the earth, these waves create space for energetic clearing and personal change.

Ever notice how people around you all seem to be dealing with a similar type of issue in their lives at specific times? This is in part, why! As we anchor in these changes, we shift our energy bodies (and often, so much more).

The most recent set of waves have come in rapid succession, spanning from August 8 to end of September. These weeks have been (and will continue to be) the span of time through which we are being delivered some of the most incredibly dense and powerful waves of energy that humanity has experienced.

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Their impact will be well felt into February. Through all of this, scores of people are waking up. Those who are already awake are furthering their conscious expansion.

Many of us are quickly realizing that the structures upon which our societies are built are faulty. We are becoming inspired by the power of love and bringing it into our hearts, souls, and lives.

Some are watching their core beliefs fall apart. Others are struggling with understanding why they are feeling and thinking these things about themselves.

Other still are wondering how they did not see through personal and structural illusions which seem so transparent now, before.

This list is a quick way to help you identify what moving through shifts associated with these most recent waves are looking like and how you can help yourself ground in the energy. (Hint: This can be fun!)



  1. Your life is rapidly changing. Things that may have been left up for decision or being swept under a rug are coming to a head.
  2. Your eating habits are changing. During shifts, some will eat a LOT. Others eat very little. Some will become increasingly sensitive to dairy and processed foods.
  3. The types of things you used to like doing are no longer as appealing as they once were and you feel like spending more and more time alone.
  4. Endings of older situations and shortly following, the creation of new ones that seem so much more suited to who you are now.
  5. Excessive sleep or very little sleep. For many, this is accompanied by vivid dreams.
  6. Dry mouth.
  7. Easily triggered emotions; repetitions of ‘cyclical’ behaviors. (Hint: by changing your participation in these situations, you are moving out of that cycle and creating something new)
  8. Disillusionment with society. A belief that something better can be created.

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  • Be open to releasing behaviors, relationships and hobbies that do not serve your highest interest.
  • Honor your body when you feel like eating, sleeping, or relaxing. One on one time with yourself is a huge part of grounding in new energy.
  • Try new things in line with your growing interests.
  • Exercise to help push the energy through and around. Mindful movements like those in yoga and thai chi are great.
  • Become aware of your chakras and energy system. Learn about how your energy body works so that you are able to understand when you are shifting and how to manage it.
  • Seek out like-minded individuals to share your experiences with such as discussion forums, practitioners, and support circles. Being connected to people going through or who have gone through this process helps tremendously. You are not alone!
  • And most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN! Joy is key in this process. When these waves help us dredge up our past, it is only to help us have a more secure present, and empowered future.


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About the author: Katie IndiCrow is a writer, intuitive energy worker, mentor, and teacher. She specializes in ascension anchoring and energy training for all levels. See her facebook page, IndiCrow Energetics, for more information: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/

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