Ascension Cannot Be Rushed, Fooled, Or Cheated!

Just a personal note from me to you as I have recently come back from my visit with family. And what I experienced while there was just way too much to share.

Albeit to say that I was ‘removed’ from the mass/collective energies as people went through what they each needed to, without my personal energy link. Which was very ‘interesting’ to see what souls actually were experiencing, instead of being directly personally connected.

As I was processing and transmuting years and years of a family (for all my birth family, at the ‘core) and generational energies. As a week for me is a VERY long time, like months, due to living constantly in a direct flow of Source.

I will say though, that as I sit here I am reading and feeling into posts and humanities energy again, I am not resonating with what many are feeling or sharing! And I know I am not the only one.

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I have a new saying about ascension for me and the rest of humanity: ‘While you were on your way/going – I was already coming back’ (this is a Greek saying btw)….and what I wrote and shared in past posts over weeks/months, is now transpiring and ‘coming out’ more with humanity.

As it came from a ‘space’ of me starting to shift into 7D in the human, more in this below.

Currently, I am making ‘notes’ of what we are experiencing in the human linked to Spirit, as you know the info from ‘above’ alone is not the full or complete experience or ‘picture’ of what is currently ‘occurring’ in our Ascension process.

As it is being written we are going through a rebirth, while I am getting it’s a whole new birthing that was shared weeks ago. Yet many are resonating to a rebirth and that’s very okay.

Here are some others ‘things’ that I am writing in my notes that have come that I don’t have the full picture of yet to share more with you all:


We are feeling this North, South, East, and West

Our earth star chakra is like partially blocked and Gaia is going through a long and ‘hard labor’. And to keep sending energy down and grounding and often.

As this is not just for ourselves, this is assisting Gaia in her/our new birthing. The grounding technique from the Raghida Shaman video I shared is what I am now using and guiding others with.

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As it is so powerful and instant! Please watch it, as it is up to you to do this for yourself ;-). Although I may write and share this in the near future, as guided.

Also, the base chakra is shattered and with this in the human, there is so much more to this for each person. However, I will share that due to this, people are doing a type of filling their void within, of ‘outside’ things/people etc.

Now, this is an ‘old’ thing and not ‘new’, yet this is occurring, along with those lines, yet different energetically. And more will come with this to explain soon.

And please do not ‘tell me’ what this/what I’ve shared here means for me lol. This is new, I am in 6D and was heading into and receiving 7d info and energy!

I had to ‘stop this’ and had to come back as this was way too much energy and too quick for me. For me to remain here and share with humanity what is going on in our ascension, linking and being a Rainbow Bridge for humanity in linking our spirit to our soul.

As I shared recently that I too needed to make a choice to ‘stay’ and continue to guide, teach and lead energetically as a trailblazer/ascension pioneer in linking our Spirit to our Soul.

That is why I shared the saying: While you were on your way/going – I was already coming back. Now for those whose negative spiritual egos flare up at this, just breathe and chill out lol.

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As this is my personal truth of what this is for me. As I am sure many of you who have been on their conscious spiritual journeys as well can also relate to this for themselves ;-). Yet, this needs to come from a space of a loving ‘parent’ and not arrogance.

‘Usually’ I do not share until I have more of a bigger picture explaining of what I receive, yet right now I will share what I have.

For those pulling back, keep doing so, keep in your own space as you have!

As now also, there are more ‘false lightworkers’ out, more so than in the past as it is more on a collective scale now that others are now starting to see and feel this more. As for me, this is something I have seen and felt for a while with individuals.

As I saw this when I was given my Spiritual soul when I shifted into 6D and could see and feel ALL that was going on for and with souls in the astral and multi-dimensions! This took me a few months to adjust to, I can tell you lol!

And due to this, that is the ‘why and how’ I can see this has expanded collectively to share with you what I have/am. As I was told I am a WaySeer, not only a Wayshower. Said in unconditional love, truth, and honesty of what this is for myself and no disrespect in saying this.

Due to this in Spirit, what I see in the whole ‘above’ which I see like being an astral sky, is full, as far as one can see type-of-thing! Full of a mixture of energies, like a huge bag of glitter, was thrown up in the air!

It is that HUGE as to the energies that are in ‘flux’ in Spirit, the above and then we have Gaia going through a long and difficult new birthing at the same time and both are LINKED!!

So due to this, keeping oneself in our own energy spaces whilst amongst others, in the centre balance of this all (like a bubble or circle in between the flux of energies of ‘above’ and the ‘below’ going through a new birthing) as ‘nothing’ is ‘stable’ right now. It is for us to remain stable in our own bubbles so-to-speak.

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This is so ‘vital’ right now and for however long we may need to, as this may be ‘like this’ for the rest of 2017. We don’t know though, I am ‘just saying’ ;-).

Please remember to protect in both the human AND your Spirit as well! The ‘old’ of ‘hiding’ in ones ‘shell’ is not ‘working’ anymore. Just putting a white bubble around oneself the Human is just not ‘cutting it’ anymore, in this case of what we are experiencing.

If you really really want to progress, allow yourself TIME to process, shift, clear and heal all you are re-facing/experiencing the ‘old’. It is a facet of the facet and it is continual now!


Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated!

The whole planet, the above AND below is in a state of flux right now, with Gaia going through her/our new birthing!

We ‘wanted’ a new earth and it is here, yet we are ‘birthing’ this as well, as Bringers of a New Dawn!

As you are newly birthing yourself as well!!!

Just like each mother who births a baby, each experience and birthing is unique, so is your own personal ‘Birthing’!

Yet within this, we ARE ALL ONE!

I am now taking ‘bookings’ for 1:1 Divine Healings again. As these are on the increase again. Where personal guidance and assistance in BOTH Spirit and Soul = the ‘whole’ – with your personal ‘birthing’ is available.

Those who are ‘ready’ for this, the way is provided. As when souls are ‘ready’ it always flows beautifully and effortlessly.




Source: in5d


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