6 Things You Lose When You Become Spiritually Awakened

6 Things You Lose When You Become Spiritually AwakenedAs we grow, become more aware, and love, our thoughts and actions change as well. This is not only due to our goals changing but the resources we draw on become more productive. As we ‘wake’ to the world as it truly is, the truth of it all changes us from the core outward.

We are still human so we still experience and project negativity, but the magnitude and length of time being negative changes.

I still get angry at some fairly dumb things, but where before I would become a ball of rage and self destruction, I accept it as it is and smile to my heart. I thank it for being able to experience an array of emotions and through that love and acceptance, my rage subsides.
Through the years of experience and learning, I have come to understand the pitfalls life can trick us into stepping into. Here is a list of some of those emotions and concepts that you will naturally let go of as you reach higher levels of consciousness.


I talked on this a little but anger and hate are sadly dominant aspects of our society. Anger is like a fire in our souls, that clouds our eyes with smoke and chokes up true expressions.

The feeling from anger is nauseating and entirely destructive. After spending long enough in the presence of love, hatred makes us feel physically ill.

The once perceived strength that comes from anger, is seen as one dimensional and unproductive.



Jealousy is a direct descendant of comparative thought. WE look at what we have and compare it to another. We then judge the two parties off superficial elements.

As we grow as people and fill our lives with love and works of compassion, we stop worrying about what others have. We acknowledge our own successes and failures as being precious and irreplaceable. This makes our mental and spiritual ‘belongings’ priceless.

The joy attached to experiences and loved ones has shown us the flimsiness of the pursuit of physical objects. As we see others with a deeper understanding or a more powerfully expressed form of love, we are glad to have witnessed it. We are filled with joy at the success of others, because everyone deserves to be happy.


Fear Of Failure

For you to have built up your consciousness and prepare your tools of mindfulness, you have undoubtedly stumbled more than once. But as we grow older and wiser, we fear scrapped knees less and less.

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We know that that the harm of failure only extends as far as a lesson not learned. We welcome all opportunities of growth and knowledge. Our ‘tools’ wouldn’t be nearly so sharp if we never ‘sharpened’ them on suffering.



This thought child of comparative thought is normally one of the first negative formations to leave us.

Insecurity can not prevail where there is acceptance, love and hope for the future. We remember that we are a perfect and constantly evolving form of beauty.



The future and past are nothing more than mysteries and stories. We don’t allow the unknown to cause us discomfort.

We have faced it down many times and survived for the better.



If someone wrongs us, the natural urge at one point was to return the favor. As we conquer our own negative formations, we come to recognize the pain that fuels the antagonists in our life.
We don’t hate them, we don’t want to inject more negativity into the world. Staying wary of potential harm, we avoid it or try to save it from the negativity of their actions.
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