Energy Update For November 21 – 30: Shadow Aspects And Negative Entities Are Being Revealed


Over the past week or so, there have been two different timelines running in people’s realities. One is dealing with psychic attacks, negative energetic patterns, anger, agitation, being overly emotional and thought transference.

Many people reported having thoughts being “placed” in their minds, but could easily distinguish it was “not their thoughts.” The New Moon in Scorpio has also brought many shadow aspects to the light, including addictive behaviors to heal and clear.

On the flip side, many people are in a state of bliss, peaceful, energetic, happy and at their “zero points.” For me personally, I’ve been in a state of bliss, and every encounter I’ve had has been high vibrational, loving and positive!

Since the 11-11 portal, the ability to manifest our realities is swift! Whatever you have left to clear, release, or heal will surface now through the end of the year, in preparation for the new energetic pulse and shift on January 1st!

Whatever is your biggest fear is being brought into your reality to face it and clear it. It is important you take the time to acknowledge this, if it is occurring, or it will continue to escalate.



The truth and one’s authenticity can no longer be masked. This energy calls for extreme transparency. As you’ve noticed, your ability to discern a lie someone is telling or information they are not being forthright with is more evident than ever!

And you can’t help but call one out on it to bring the truth and transparency to the matter at hand. Your telepathic abilities are sharp and on point!

This energy is playing out in all avenues, including politics, with women stepping forward who have been sexually harassed by men in powerful positions, and the Divine feminine is taking root because of this truth call-out in making one stand in their truth, authenticity, and integrity.

Never before have we seen this playing out in our realities, and it will continue until all is brought forth into the light. And those will be held accountable for their actions as the Law of Karma is swift now.

As time had sped up, the Universal Laws take hold much quicker now than ever before. Cause and Effect are immediate!



Every three months or so, we see a mass exiting of souls in the entertainment industry. Many have chosen to cross over in this past week.

This indicates there is also a mass exiting of many other souls who inhabit Earth that cannot integrate with the higher vibrational frequencies. Therefore, they chose to exit and continue their soul growth in spirit form in other realms of existence.



I have also noticed there have been low vibrational frequency overlays placed over the high vibrational vortexes on Earth such as; Mt. Shasta and Sedona, AZ, just to mention two.

Anyone who has visited these places since the 11-11 portal will notice they feel worse by visiting vs. feeling better. This is a false overlay that has been placed by the powers that be to track one’s own high vibrational frequency to a lower one to open them up for a psychic attack, or implants.

These can be cleared by energy scanners and healers if you have been affected.

In essence, whatever vibrational frequency you are vibrating at is the reality in which you will perceive in your here and now.

As I have mentioned in my last three Energy Reports, it is imperative to keep your vibrational frequency high as we transition from 2017 energy to 2018 energy.

The Reset Button is about to occur for many, propelling each in an entirely new and optimistic direction tied to their soul purpose!

There has been quite a bit going on in the past two weeks! As an observer at my zero points, I have been unaffected by the alternative negative timeline running, but I have witnessed it affecting many others.

If you have experienced this, take the time needed to see what is being brought into your awareness, and use your discernment to distinguish what is yours and what is not.

By instantly manifesting your reality, you can easily shift by intended thought to higher vibrational frequency timelines. This will collapse the negative one playing out in the matrix with overlays or false programs running.

Being the master of your mind now, and not your mind mastering you is important in how you acknowledge your personal self-talk, for this, will instantly manifest for you. Only focus on what you do want, and not what you don’t!





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