How to be sure that you really love me?

The Romantic Love

This type of love- romantic, is the most unsure Love of all types. Let’s just think about it…. Think how you love your pets, think how you love your plants, think how you love the nature, think how you love your kids, think how you love your parents, think about every kind of love that you experience now and then think again for the Love ( romantic love) between the humans…. Well? How is the feeling? Not like the love between you and your pet, right? And there is a little BIG reason for that- THE TRUST.

Can I trust you?

TRUST is the most hard to fulfill goal in any of the relationships between the humans….
It is not only you, or your friends…It is the hardest goal for everyone. You never doubt in the love of your pets, right? And why? Because this love that the pet gives you is unconditional…. you have 100% trust in your pets love. But there are maybe few persons who achieve this type of loving someone and Gostica things that even those persons experience mistrust from their beloved. It is very interesting paradox here “I love you, trust me, but do you love me enough?” So you want your beloved to be sure about your love ( how can she or he even think not to trust you), BUT you don’t trust in the love that comes from this person and want insurance, or let’s make full resume- I want your full trust, but to give you mine, you have to deserve it. You get the idea, right? 😉
We are all doing this… unless we start to wake up from that dream of mistrust. So WAKE UP, friends, The BREAKFAST is Served! 😀

Unhealthy breakfast- The EGO

Your dog does not care about your trust…. it just gives it’s trust to you- unconditional. And this is why you have full trust in the love of your dog, or whatever animal is your pet. This is again the process of giving and receiving, that GOSTICA mentioned a lot. Anyway, let’s get back to the point. Our ego tell’s us- “hey…. this person try to trick you, don’t believe in his/her words. You are not good enough to be loved. Are you insane? Think with your mind.. You are so imperfect, you don’t deserve love” About our ego…  Everyone of us experience this game of the ego. It is stupid and hurtful. Gostica don’t want to play anymore with that bad ego 😀

I deserve Love

So the real bad guy here is our own mind- the ego. You have to be sure that you deserve the love and you have it. And just to mention that again we are working with The Law Of Attraction. Trust in your perfection as a pure spirit made from love. YOU ARE THE LOVE. Where is there a space for a lack of confidence? How is it possible to doubt in something,which is component of every part of our visible and invisible bodies- the love? We all deserve it and have it already in ourselves. It is just no place for the lack of trust here. Don’t give power to that ego…the ego is just not who you are.

Well friends, after we find that the ego is guilty for mistrusting in your beloved, go and express your true love to him/her. They are in the same position like you- they are sure in their love about you and want you to trust them, like we spoke in the beginning of this topic. So do you see? There is just imaginary problems… You have their trust and they have yours, because we know in our hearts something that the ego don’t: we are LOVE- this is our true nature. The result of this knowledge and practicing it is the unconditional love. So…. let’s now have fun, shall we? 🙂

“Stand by me where the flowers blooms,
Where the sun does not loom,
Out of sight is where the fairies zoom,
This is where the animals groom,
Stand by me under the willow tree,
Where we once fell and grazed our knees,
Here is where the grass made us sneeze
Where we lied and cuddled and squeezed”  😛


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