How to Become Magnet For Happiness

There is one little thing about giving and receiving  that everyone should know:

In this too words is the key for achieving all wishes, but will speak about this key later, because Gostica likes to say something about YOU!  😀 

YOU, my friend, YOU are Everything. You can be and can have whatever you wish, because of something very important:


How to Become Magnet For Happiness

How to Become Magnet For Happiness

You are pure energy and you are creators to your reality. You materialize your thoughts, they become hard matter and you can choose absolutely freely what to materialize- sadness, jail, tears, sickness, love, happiness, romance, house, wealth, money, freedom……. and so and so on… You are free on this, but reading this article means that you want to focus about How to become magnet for happiness.

How to Become Magnet For Happiness

How to Become Magnet For Happiness

THE HAPPINESS… This is our soul constantly condition. Our Higher Self can communicate with our human mind only if you are in a happy mood, because as I said OUR SOULS ARE PURE HAPPINESS. So….. this means that you are happiness, because we are not our bodies, but you know .. Spirits 🙂

Now let’s try something together- think how many times you gave something and that something dos not return to you double ( at least) 😉 Well? What is your answer? None? 😀 Yes, indeed! Congratulations from Gostica ! There is never giving, there is onely  receiving  .

In the moment that you “give” something, you activate universe mechanism for receiving, because you open empty field in your energy . There was something in it, but you just gave it and now the universe will fill the hole that you open. That’s it! 🙂 Gostica will write an article that is special about this universe law, but now let’s stick with How to become magnet for happiness. And the answer is…. GIVE HAPPINESS. Give it to everyone. You can smile to someone- you give happiness; you can make someone laugh this is happiness. You can feed some homeless animal- this is happiness and more and more… and then friends, the universe will start to work as the road workers that fill holes in the asphalt after a hard winter in the summer. 😀 😀

So one more time Gostica will ask How to become magnet for happiness?

Well simply make a lot of holes in the asphalt and you’re done! 😉



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