How To Release Emotional Attachments And Cut Etheric Cords

etheric cord

Have you ever felt yourself completely bogged down and drained? Do you find this feeling is further exasperated when you are trying to remove someone from your life?

Have you ever removed someone from your life only to find that they regularly show up in your thoughts, as if they are maintaining a hold on your mind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be experiencing an energetic connection between you and another person through what is called an ‘etheric cord.’

Etheric cords are like an energy link that develops between two individuals. This may include a sibling, parent, ex-spouse, child, lover, current spouse, close friend or even a work colleague. These cords form like tubes, connecting you from chakra to chakra. Energy flows freely along these tubes back and forth between people, however, there are times where the energy flow is one sided, draining from one person toward the other.

If you feel as though you are done with a person in your life; however, they are still draining energy from you then you need to take the steps to cut the cords for your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. There may also be people that you are unable to remove from your life, however, you find that your connection is draining, such as a family member. You can still cut these cords to preserve your own energy levels.

Signs And Symptoms Of Heavy Cording Include:

  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression in relation to your past
  • Regularly arguments in your mind with someone
  • Remaining constantly aware of unfair treatment from your past
  • Amnesia
  • Stalking someone from your past online through social networking or watching them compulsively
  • Lack of interest in hobbies, activities or other relationships
  • Frequent conversations with a person in your mind
  • Desire to get revenge for your past
  • Crying uncontrollably, an emotional wreck
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Constantly memories or emotions connected with someone that arise in your life
  • Unable to move on
  • Experiencing a high degree of temptation to go back to a relationship that no longer serves you
  • Frequently recalling things that have been said in the past
  • Turning down other offers and invitations
  • You feel as though you are endlessly processing the past and what happened there
  • Unable to stop thinking about a person
  • Feeling ongoing judgment or criticism from someone in your past
  • Feeling stuck or trapped in the past

How To Cut The Cords

In order to cut the cords, you need to find a quiet, private spot where you are not going to be interrupted. Close your eyes and allow yourself to visualize the energy cords that are extending from your body. They may present in different colors or different places depending on the type of relationship that they represent.

You don’t need to worry about understanding who the cord represents, or whether you are imagining all the cords that exist. In order for the exercise to be effective try not to force the process and remain open to what you experience.

Allow yourself to visualize a large golden sword in your hands. Feel the power from this sword flowing through your hands. Lifting your arms, allow yourself to cut through each of the cords. As you move the sword, state the following vocal affirmation: “I am now willing to release all fear-based attachments.

As the remnants of these cords fall away from your body, visualize a golden white light coming in from the universe and down through your crown chakra in the top of your head, filling your body with its warm, comforting light. As you feel your aura filling with this light, slowly come back to your current location, feeling the ground beneath your feet.

Anytime that you feel as though you are being drained by these emotional connections, repeat this exercise. It may seem simple; however, it is highly effective.


This was originally published by Awareness Act.


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