How to Draw Spiritual Energy From The Four Elements of Nature


How to Draw Spiritual Energy From The Four Elements of NatureSpiritual well-being is all about balance, and nowhere has balance been perfected more than in nature.

In our modern age, we seem to spend less and less time in nature and more and more time in cars, in front of screens, or surrounded by concrete.

Not everyone can take time off of work to go for a hike, or lives close enough to a river or beach to spend some time reveling in nature’s power.

There are, however, ways to incorporate little bits of nature into your life and do good to help restore balance in the modern world.

Finding a spiritual connection with nature is central to your spiritual flourishing, but it is only magnified when you share it with others.

In each of nature’s elements, there are ways to heal yourself and to help heal others.

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Below, you will find a way to draw on each element to help you increase your spiritual energy, and then a way to use that energy to help bring balance and healing to a world in need.



How-to-Draw-Spiritual-Energy-From-The-Four-Elements-of-Nature-WATER.jpgThe power of water to give and take life is immense, and it is as necessary as it is common.

If you can’t spend time by the beach or a river, you can still appreciate how water sustains and supports us.

Each morning, pour yourself one glass of water and sit quietly. With each sip, think of one thing you are grateful for, something that gives you life or makes you feel full and healthy.

In one interaction you have each day, choose to forgive someone for something small.

Instead of becoming angry or stressed, let it wash over you the way water washes over stones and experience the little moment of letting go, for both of your sake.



How-to-Draw-Spiritual-Energy-From-The-Four-Elements-of-Nature-earth.jpgThe earth is the greatest gift we have been given, and more than ever it feels like people have lost respect for the wonderland we find ourselves living in.

Our Earth is a paradise, full of everything we need to survive and thrive. Even for city-dwellers, the wide sky and sturdy ground are always around us.

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As you walk to work, notice how the veins in your hand look like the veins in a leaf and take a moment to pick up any garbage you see around you.

Not only will you leave the place more beautiful than you found it, but the connection you feel with nature in the moment you care for it, even in the smallest way, is important.



How-to-Draw-Spiritual-Energy-From-The-Four-Elements-of-Nature-AIR.jpgThe air we breathe is something we take for granted so often.

We fail to consider the air around us, and in doing so, fail to create a space we feel safe to breathe.

To have clean air, and the ability to take deep breaths that sustain us is a privilege and we often move too fast to appreciate it.

For many, the chance to take a moment to breathe and feel safe and relaxed is a luxury they cannot afford. 

Find a domestic violence support group or advocacy network in your area and drop off a donation of clean clothes, food, or toiletries to help someone who hasn’t had the space to breathe in a while.

You can also find a job skills center, or homeless shelter and donate there to help people looking to make their lives better and show them that despite their hard work when they need to take a deep breath, there is a community that will support them.



How-to-Draw-Spiritual-Energy-From-The-Four-Elements-of-Nature-FIRE.jpgWarmth, heat, and passion are all traits we try to cultivate in ourselves and to see a fire burn reminds us how we can be engaged and compassionate.

While we cannot often experience a raging fire, we can light a candle and watch how the flame is fed and keeps burning consistently even when it flickers.

Take a moment to send a little note or message to someone you care about.

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Giving out even the most nominal bit of warmth invites that same goodwill into your life.

Or, find a passionate young artist or creator and support them by donating to their education, buying their art, or just listening to them play music in the street for a moment.

The moment of connection shows them that there are people in the world ready to receive their gifts.


Connecting with our world through nature not only allows us to better serve ourselves and our own wellbeing but our local and global community.

What better reminder that we all deserve to be cared for exists than the realization that we all share this Earth and what it gives us?

Take a moment today to pick one element you feel connected to and spend some energy considering its role in your life, and in the lives of others.




Author: Sally Writes


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