How To Use Your Intuition More, Instead Of Relying On Google All The Time


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the rise of technology has affected our ability to decode our intuitive messages.

In a constantly connected world, we’re no longer forced to look to our inner guidance. Instead, without even thinking, we go straight to the modern oracle of our times, the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom: the internet. How many times have you known something to be true, but headed to Google to check just in case? How many times a week do you go online to look for the answers before using your own inner knowing?

We want answers instantly. We’re rushing around from A to B, and we think we don’t have time to take that pause to decipher the messages around us. For some of us, it’s not even because we’re busy. We’ve just become plain lazy. Why do the work when I can just ask someone else?

There are thousands of articles, posts, and videos on every single spiritual topic you could ever imagine.

Who’s done this before?

You wake up one morning after a crazy vivid dream and you start to recall your dream. “You’re walking with friends, and suddenly you look down to see your teeth have started to fall out. You’re super confused, and they won’t stop falling out. Six teeth are in the palm of your hand.” Straight away you roll over with one eye open and head online for the answer. “Dream meaning…teeth falling out?” Does it mean I need to go to a dentist? Is there a problem with my teeth? What does it mean?”

It’s the same with the spiritual meaning of animals. How many times have you checked to see what an animal means online?

One weekend after a long week at work, you’re hiking, and a bear crosses your path. After you run away so fast, as your life depends on it, you get your breath back and then thank the Universe/Spirit you’re still alive. You then do what every spiritually curious person does with an iPhone in hand. You search for the meaning of “What does it symbolize when you see a bear?” You get your answer and find relief from “knowing” the answer.

These days, you want to know how to lucid dream? You can. You want to know how to practice energy healing? You can. This abundance of information isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it makes this information more accessible to millions of people around the world.

However, using the internet to decipher your messages should come with a warning: Most spiritual lessons can’t be found online.

We’re regularly decoding our messages wrong online because universal symbols mean different things to different people. Take the color yellow, for example: When you go online and search for “What does the color yellow mean?” there are hundreds of options. Different shades of yellow change the meaning.

On one hand, the color can represent sunshine, hope, and happiness—but it can also mean cowardice, deceit, and sickness.

How to tap into your own internal Google search.

So how do you decode your own messages and access your personal answer book? It’s this simple:

Receive the intuitive hit.



Ask yourself: What does it mean to me?

Start here and follow where your thoughts and feelings take you. I think of intuition as an internal reference library. You’ve been storing away experiences, thoughts, and interpretations since birth, and it’s all still there. Decoding your messages is simply about accessing what you already know.

It’s not learning anything new. This is how Spirit works. A feeling arises. A memory is triggered. We listen and we understand. Once put into action, you’ll surprise yourself with how much life-changing insight you’ve actually known all along.

Beware of just heading straight online to get your answers. Yes, it is helpful in so many ways, but remember that messages from Spirit are personal whispers to us—not the collective. They are intimate and packed with detail that only we can decode. Next time, give yourself the benefit of the doubt to work it out on your own and ask yourself: What does it mean to me?


This was written by Natalie Miles for MindBodyGreen.


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