6 Characteristics Of A Spiritually Mature Person


6 Characteristics Of A Spiritually Mature Person


We often associate maturity with becoming more responsible and responsive to the needs of others.

Mature people are expected to know what to do and when to do it; they consider “compromise” their friend and they are the ones who manage situations in a way that younger or less experienced people fail to do so.

But there’s something unsettling about this description. Maturity is often linked to paying bills and choosing the lesser pain out of two.

As most of us haven’t already full-bloomed into our potential and humanness, we are pushed towards an idea of “maturity” that doesn’t benefit anyone.


To understand spiritual maturity, check this list of things that happen to you when you start owning your beingness:

  1. Things come to you more easily; more than that, you find yourself merging with people and situations that facilitate your expansion beyond imagination.
  2. You still need to do things, but the common forcefulness diminishes.

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  3. You can focus your mind almost effortlessly on what you want to experience.
  4. Most of the times you are calm, no matter how many things start breaking down around you, there is a voice that tells you not to worry, that everything unfolds exactly as it should.
  5. You base your decisions on your gut instinct, and your intuition is more heightened than ever.
  6. You still feel fear, negativity, distress, but they are no longer at the core of your life. What drives you now is an inner knowing that you came here to expand and create.


Spiritual maturity is the result of a new shift in consciousness, a shift that happens as you align to what is serving your growth. Spiritual maturity cannot be attained if the emotional, mental and divine bodies aren’t ready to make this leap.

Waking up to maturity is a layered and highly intuitive process that cannot be imposed or contained. Becoming spiritually mature happens spontaneously as you attune to yourself and take things a little bit…lighter.

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